Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 15. November 2016

Dark Ruby by Laura Landon


To escape the memory of a horrific kidnapping that he barely survived, Alexander Linscott, Marquess of Halverston, flees to one of his country estates determined to master his demons. But when Mrs. Daisy Moore arrives on his doorstep applying for the position of housekeeper, he knows his life has taken an unexpected turn. She is clearly not who she pretends to be.
Lady Isobel Culver has no intention of falling in love. She’s on the run and can’t afford to risk giving her heart to anyone, especially a man as tortured as the Marquess of Halverston. But when fate intervenes and brings her to the altar with the murderous villain her father intends for her to marry, Alexander becomes the only man who can save her. If loving her doesn’t cost him his life first.

I read the other books of this series already and loved them and I read many many other books by Laura Landon as well so it wasn't such a big surprise that I also loved "Dark Ruby" and have already reread this book as well as the other books of this series.

It is not just the interesting and varying stories and the wonderful, multi-facetted characters that I love but also the way those characters interact, how they care for each other how they help each other and how authentic and unique each of them is.

This book is about Alexander, the Marquess of Halverston, whose kidnapping was part of "Ransomed Jewels", the first book of the series. While Claire and Barnaby along with Major Bennett tried everything to get him out of there alive, they couldn't prevent him to suffer horribly at the hands of his kidnappers. Hoping that some distance and peace will help him fight his demons, he flees to one of his estate where he meets Daisy Moore, his new housekeeper - and a woman who is running from her own demons.

It is wonderful to see how slowly those two start to trust and to help each other and how love helps them overcome their demons. Again Claire, Major Bennett and Barnaby are there to lend their support and to do whatever is necessary to help those they love.

I really really enjoyed reading this book and couldn't put it down - and when I read the last page I just started to reread the whole series.


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