Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 4. März 2017

For The Love Of A Widow - Christina McKnight


 A widow scarred by love and loss…

After years spent following her husband as he fought against Napoleon’s troops, Lady Lettie Hughes returns to London a widow to take her rightful place among the ton as the daughter of an earl. Her parents and friends expect her to enter the marriage market and secure the match she should have pursued in her debut Season. But Lettie is not the same innocent girl she was before Waterloo. Nightmares of the battlefield plague her, and she doesn’t see a place for herself in society anymore.

A lord determined to save the woman he loves…

Daniel Greaves, the Duke of Linwood, is a man who knows rejection and loss. He’s lived the last six years alone after the woman he was betrothed to cast him aside for another man. Instead of taking control of his title and lands, Daniel fell into a life a debauchery—gaming, women, and spirits. But now the woman who stole his future and left him hollow is back in London.

When Lettie and Daniel are reunited, their connection burns as bright as it once did. But neither of them are the same people they were in their youth—they must trust one another to heal the wounds of their past to find a love that lasts forever.

Two broken people, one broken betrothal and shattered dreams - will Lettie and Daniel be able to find their way back to each other?
When Lettie returns to London as a widow after having followed the drum for six long years, she doesn't expect to find Daniel, the Duke of Linwood still unwed. And she definitely didn't expect her parents to push her into another marriage so soon after having lost her husband and while still being in mourning.
Her family expects her to forget but how can she forget everything that she has seen? Everything she has lived through?
It took something even worse than losing his betrothed to make Daniel realize that his life has to change. He failed more than one person but this one....what happened there is nothing he will ever forget. Never ever. That was the day his life changed. Irrevocably and for the better. Will this be enough to win Lettie back?

I' ve read many books about these times where women followed the drum but I've never "met" any heroine who was as touched by this experience as Lettie. Her life hadn't prepared her for this and having returned, it is hard, no, it is impossible for her to slip back into her former life. 
I really loved those amazing and complex characters with their struggles and their passion. I loved their flawed characters and how they slowly find their way to each other despite all her parents' machinations. Oh, her parents, well, let's just say - they didn't win many brownie points with me with the way they pushed Lettie, especially so soon after her loss.
And of course there's also Lord Gable. The less we talk about him the better. Shock and rage are all I feel when I think of him and it's even worse because he is fictional and I can't even do anything about it.

Well written, (mostly) wonderful characters, a gripping story - and much heartbreak, I really enjoyed reading this book and was happy to see our hero and our heroine get their long HEA.


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