Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

The Secret Marriage Pact (Business of Marriage #4) by Georgie Lee


An improper proposal!

Jane Rathbone is used to being left behind, and no longer believes she deserves happiness. But when childhood friend Jasper Charton returns from the Americas, more dangerously sexy than ever, she has a proposition. She'll give him the property he needs if he'll give her a new future--by marrying her!

Jasper never imagined taking a wife, but wonders if loyal Jane could be his redemption. And when their marriage brings tantalizing pleasures, convenient vows blossom into a connection that could heal them both...

I must damit that even though I was really looking forward to reading this book, in the end I was looking more than once how many more pages there were still left to ead and when it would finally end. Don't get me wrong - I loved Jasper and Jane and on the whole it was a really nice story but in the end I was a bit annoyed every time someone mentioned feeling guilty or anything that sounded even remotely like that.

Jane's stubbornness, her loyalty, her love for Jasper and of course, her sense of business, made me like her from the first page on. Jasper very soon grew on me as well, especially in constrast to his idiot of a brother.

Right from the beginning Jasper's hidden feelings of guilt are a very cental topic and when Jane started thinking about her guilt in relation to the deaths of her parents, I caught myself rolling my eyes. Her feelings, well, let's just say that what I learned about them in the end was exactly what I had expected and Jasper's feelings, well, I would have loved to shake him a bit. Nope, it's not nice to do what was done but - it wasn't his fault, was it?

I loved to see Jasper and Jane rediscover the feelings they had for each other and I really loved Jasper's mother. She is amazing. The rest of the family is loving but difficult and well, we won't talk about Milton, he is an idiot and it is a good thing for him, that he found a sweet and loving wife because in my eyes she is his only redeeming quality.

Alright, well written but not as captivating and easy to read as I had expected.


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