Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Indulge - Ednah Walters (Review in English )

Review of Indulge by Ednah Walters

Fortunately I received Indulge as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Fortunately? Yes - fortunately because I recieved it in advance and didn't have to wait till the release date as I had been waiting rather impatiently for it after having read Impulse, the first book in the series.
When Indulge finally „landed“ on my reader, I didn't put it down till I had finished it!

Those of you who have seen my other reviews know that I've already read many many books by E.B.Walter
or else Ednah Walters and that none of them ever disappointed me – this was definitely true for Indulge as well! It's not just that it hasn't disappointed me (and my expectations were already rather high), on the contrary it was just amazing!

Maybe it's even a bit hotter than Impulse but I'm not sure about that yet, I might have to re-read them some more times to be sure. Apart from that it is incredibly thrilling and captivating and I sat there mesmerized and had to remind myself to breathe – well, that was, when I wasn't sporting a rather broad goofy smile because Jillian and Lex were so sweet together.

Especially those lovable and sympathetic characters top it off but the story itself is also gripping and well constructed.

Jillian and Lex would really simply love to marry now and enjoy there life together but unfortunately there're some people around who don't think that this is desirable and who try to seriously hurt them.
As a reader I really felt with them and was worried about them especially as even Lex and his friends seem to fail in their attempt to find their adversaries despite all their abilities and their money.

Brilliant characters, a hot and sweet love story and a suspenseful, convincing story in combination with the captivating writing of E.B. Walters have made this book one of my favorite books of the year! Just make sure that you read Impulse first otherwises it'll be half the fun and you might have problems to understand what's going on.



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