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Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2019

RELEASE BLITZ - Wrong Side of the Tracks (Hope Valley #4) by Jessica Prince #WrongSideOfTheTracks #HopeValley #JessicaPrince

Gypsy Bradbury was never destined for great things. Or at least that’s what she’d convinced herself of. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, she had learned that hoping for more was a waste of time. Then Marco forced his way into her life and gave her a glimpse of a future brighter than any she could have imagined. But if her past taught her anything, it was that if something seemed too good to be true… it probably was.
The promise of a quiet, simple life was what drew Marco Castillo to Hope Valley. After experiencing war and death first hand, he was looking for something easy. Then he met a woman with guarded eyes and the most beautiful smile he’d ever seen. The only problem was she came with more baggage than a 747.
There is nothing easy about Gypsy, but Marco knows without a doubt that the promise of her is well worth the effort. She’s the strongest, bravest woman he’s ever met, and when the life she’s fought to build for her and her family is threatened, Marco is determined to win that battle for her. Whether Gypsy wants his help or not.

Wrong Side of The Tracks is the fourth book in the Hope Valley Series by Jessica Prince. The books are interconnected even tough each of them can be read as a standalone. I already read and loved the other books in this series but I think that maybe I love Gypsy and Marco's story best.
I mean, Gypsy who is fighting so hard to provide for her siblings, who works two jobs and would do anything for these kids to not only survive but to thrive and Marco, who slowly but steadily bullies his way into her life - they are just too cute. It's not easy for Gypsy to accept help but Marco isn't someone who gives up easily and when the strip club where she is working at night is sold to a known drug dealer and criminal, not only Marco steps up to protect her. All their friends get together to protect one of their own.
Gypsy has been on her own ever since her parents decided that parenthood wasn't for them but, well, nothing changed when they left because it had always been Gypsy who had cared and provided for her siblings. It's not easy for her to let somebody into her life but Marco doesn't give up no matter how rocky their path is.
Considering the fact that I fell in love with Gypsy right from the start, I wanted her to have his support and I loved to see him step up and just be there for her. Her siblings and her neighbor Odette are also amazing characters and you can feel how much they all care for each other and how tight they are.
The whole book was once again well written with a captivating and sweet story. There's just the right amount of action and romance and I really enjoyed reading this book. I can't wait to hear more about these people from Hope Valley and I was happy to see that at least two more books are planned.


Get dressed, babe,” he ordered, tossing my bra and panties to me before slipping back into his boxer briefs.
I sat up, holding the sheet to me as I looked at him in confusion. “What? Why? I figured we’d take a little nap, then kick off round two. Neither of those things requires getting dressed.”
His cocky smirk set off the butterflies in my belly as he pulled on his jeans. “As much as I’d love a round two right now, it’ll have to wait. I’m taking you to the diner for lunch.”
I froze in the middle of re-hooking my bra and looked up at him in panic. Reading my expression loud and clear, Marco moved back to the bed. The mattress dipped under his weight as he bent toward me and gave me a chaste kiss. “If it helps, don’t think of it as a date. Think of it as a meal shared by two people who really enjoy having sex with each other.”
I tipped my head to the side incredulously. “You’re saying we’re friends with benefits?”
He seemed to give that some thought as he tugged his T-shirt over his head. “No, not friends with benefits. I’d say we’re way more than friends, wouldn’t you?”
Well, yeah. But what does that make us?”
Don’t worry about labeling it,” he responded, lifting the weight that had been resting on my shoulders. “For now, let’s just enjoy each other and do what feels natural, yeah?”
Yeah.” My lips slowly spread into a smile. “Okay. I can do that.”
Good, girasol.” With that, he stood tall, grabbing my wrist and hauling me from the bed. “And what feels natural right now is getting some food in my gut before it eats clear through to my backbone. You want a round two, I need to refuel, so move that sexy ass of yours.”
Shooting him a playful glare as I went about getting dressed, I warned, “You want a round two ever, you should probably stop being so damn bossy.”
He stepped close just as I finished zipping up my jeans. His voice was low and full of sex as he said, “Baby, you hurry up so I can eat, and I’ll bring you back here and show you the type of bossy you won’t be able to get enough of.”
Well, all right, then.

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Montag, 8. Juli 2019

How to Forgive a Highlander (The MacGregor Lairds #4) by Michelle McLean

The story:
William MacGregor will lie, spy, and happily die to protect his clan from their greatest enemy. But when he kidnaps the wrong woman, he triggers the very events he’d been working so hard to prevent. And puts everyone in danger.

Rose Thatcher will do anything to protect her lady and return them both safely to English soil. But the damn Highlander who snatched her off the docks has done nothing but get in her way. She’d love to ditch the bastard, but if they want to save their respective loved ones, they are going to have to stay together.

Somewhere along the grueling journey to Scotland, their constant bickering turns into something more. Something worth fighting for. But how can an English lady’s maid, who longs for the safe, comfortable life she had in London, find love with a Highlander who can’t wait to wipe England’s dust off his feet? If they can’t defeat the enemy they accidentally led home, they might not live long enough to find out.

This was a sweet and charming book with lots of action, an adorable and charming couple whose bickering and nagging made me smile and laugh a lot. The characters felt authentic and genuine and even though I was upset that William was really hard on himself while I thought that he was simply human, I really loved those two.
Rose is something else, strong, loving, funny and loyal to the core. I loved to see her slowly (and thoroughly) fall for William and vice versa.

 Towards the end, when those two to have to figure out how they can overcome the problems that keep them from acknowledging their feelings or at least from daring to hope for a future because - how could they dream of a future together if one of them is supposed to live in Scotland and the other one in England?
But having overcome everything they did - how could they give up these dreams?

I didn't know the other books in this series but I had no problem to get into this one and to stay captivated till the end. Now I'm really looking forward to reading the other books in this series even though Rose and William were rather special and I'm not sure that the others will be as sweet as those two but I really hope so.


Freitag, 5. Juli 2019

Defiant (Tales of Cinder #1) by M.J. Haag #Defiant

 Do you remember Depravity, the retelling of The Beauty and the Beast set in the world of the Beastly Tales by Melissa Haag?

Defiant is the retelling of Cinderella and we will learn how far our heroine is willing to go for those that she loves and cares for - and how far will she go to find those who killed them?


A dark, twisted Cinderella retelling that fans of Sarah J. Maas and/or Melanie Dickerson are sure to enjoy.

Magic can have deadly consequences.

When the sudden and suspicious death of Eloise’s mother points to forbidden magic, Eloise is determined to bring her mother’s murderer to justice. She will stop at nothing to find the killer…even if the clues lead right to the palace gates and the prince’s manservant, Kaven. He is irrational, volatile, and prone to knocking women off horses. Given his personality, it should be easy to find the proof she needs to place him in irons.

However, when dark magic is used, nothing is as simple as it seems, and Eloise is about to learn that nightmares often hide behind fairy tale lives.

Fans of the Beastly Tales will not want to miss this new addition to the same world. Filled with magic, unexpected foes, and brooding, impossible men, this Tale of Cinder is sure to leave you burning for more!

What a captivating -and sinister-  take on the tale of Cinderella! This dark retelling of the story kept me turning the pages, reading, waiting for the next thing to happen, the next mystery to occur, while furiously trying to find out each and everyone's role, their potential fate, trying to find out if I should (or rather could) start to care for someone or....well, there's no use starting to care for someone who might be the next victim, right?

So many theories, so many things that I want to know - I really can't wait for the next book to come out to find out more and to see where the story takes us.

I loved how this is Cinder's story, though Eloise, our Cinder, is not the only heroine, there's also Kellen, her twin who is also called Snow which leads us to another possible story set in the world of the Beastly Tales. First, though, I'll have to learn more about Cinder and her potential love interest, the prince's manservant Kaven, if that's who he is... And, of course, I'll have to learn more about the Lady Grimmoire who....well. The Lady Grimmoire, right.
Well written, captivating and intense, I really enjoyed reading this book and can't wait for the next book, Disdain, to come out. SOON!


Dienstag, 25. Juni 2019

Dearly Beloved by Mary Jo Putney #DearlyBeloved


A sheltered life in the countryside has left Diana Lindsay restless to see the wider world, for both herself and the son she is raising alone. She cannot marry, but perhaps as a courtesan she will find love and protection despite her painful past. Gathering her courage, she moves to London--and finds herself the city's most desired woman, as admired for her charm as for her beauty. But it is one man who captivates her--handsome, haunted, and harboring a secret as deep as her own . . .

Bound by the sins of his youth, Gervase Brandelin, the Viscount St. Aubyn, has spent his adulthood seeking redemption through service to England. Now a spymaster, he can allow nothing to distract him from his duty. But when he meets Diana, his burdens seem to lift. Though she can never truly be his alone, their genuine love fills him with hope, until a treacherous deceit--and a deadly enemy--threatens to tear them
apart forever . . .

I've got very mixed feelings when it comes to this book. On the one hand, there were long passages of it that I really enjoyed reading and I loved the dynamic and the feelings of the protagonists towards each other. On the other hand, well, right at the beginning, drunk and furious or not, the hero commits an, in my eyes, unpardonable crime. Considering the fact that this situation left him with a very young wife who he never wanted to see again - a promise that he keeps till ...well. Leaving his young wife behind, never looking back - nope, even considering the circumstances this was unforgivable and absolutely not acceptable.

When we meet the heroine, Diana Lindsay, she is raising her young son alone in the countryside, longing to see more of the world. Why she thinks that her idea of a, let's say, working vacation as a courtesan in London is an even remotely acceptable idea,...? I have no idea because it really doesn't make sense especially as she has her son to consider who already has to deal with his bouts of epilepsy which is not easy in our days and was even more difficult in those times. I really liked Geoffrey, he was a very strong character and to see how he dealt with his illness was amazing.

Okay, at least our hero and our heroine meet each other that way and fall in love. That would be nice if the circumstances were different. Oh, well, even that might have worked if we don't look at the time in which it is set and ...right. Soooo...why the heroine doesn't want to make a commitment and thinks that it is necessary for him to feel unsure about her feelings in order to be able to acknowledge his own... nope. It didn't really make sense in my eyes.

Despite their deficiencies, I really liked all of these characters (yes, even Gervase, our hero had redeeming qualities if you got to know him) but the whole story felt constructed and a bit off. There were just too many different topics to deal with. There were different kinds of abuse and rape, there were epilepsy and madness, spies and traitors, homosexuality and ...the list goes on.
No, even though I really love the other books by Mary Jo Putney that I've read and I've read quite a few already, this one is not one that I'd recommend.

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2019

COVER REVEAL - Defying Gravity by K.K. Allen aaaaand..... #DefyingGravity

Do you remember Center of Gravity by K.K. Allen? This amazing book about passion and love and dance? I really loved it and when I learned that there will be another standalone, a companion to it, will soon be out...yess, exactly, I can't wait!

Finally Defying Gravity is almost here...on July 25th for yourself - amazing things are happening and there are great books ahead:

Their greatest risk was the one they never took …

Surprise! USA Today bestselling author K.K. Allen has not only one, but two new amazing covers today!
In bigger news, Falling from Gravity, a bonus prequel, will be FREE to download July 20th, and Defying Gravity, an all-new standalone sports romance, will be here just five days later on July 25th!

It was an accidental spring fling three years ago—one week spent in the mountains of Big Sur and no one was the wiser. Ignore the fact that Tobias James was my neighbor and my best friend’s older brother. Or that upon our return his hoop dreams were waiting for him, robbing us of any potential future we could have shared.

Now, I’m fulfilling my own dreams in L.A. and my biggest dream of all is about to come true. The last thing I expected was for my past and my present to collide.

Not now. Not here. Not him.

But he struts back into my life like he never even left. Unfortunately, I’ll never forget what happened after he did.

The ball is in my court, but Tobias isn’t below stealing—my power, my resolve, my heart… When he wants a second chance to reignite our connection, my answer is simple. We can’t.

Not unless we defy the rules our dreams were built on and risk everything.

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"Loved, loved, loved Amelia and Tobias!!! Their chemistry is off the charts, and I read Falling from Gravity in one sitting!"- Parker S. Huntington, USA Today bestselling author

If I hadn’t considered Amelia dangerous before, I certainly did now. She wasn’t anything like I had expected. Even after all these years—of living so close to her, of listening to her giggle with my sister in the bedroom next to mine—I hadn’t given much thought to my sister’s best friend.

But in the span of one week, everything had changed.


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BLOG TOUR - On the Rocks by Kandi Steiner #OnTheRocks


On the Rocks, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by Kandi Steiner is LIVE!

Noah Becker is nothing but trouble.

That’s what Mama told me when I was a kid, kicking his pew in church and giggling at the games we’d play. It’s what the town said when his father died and the Becker brothers went wild.

And it’s on repeat in my mind the day I walk into the whiskey distillery where he works to buy a wedding gift for my fiancé.

He’s trouble.
Dirty, sweaty, rude trouble.

No matter how many times I repeat it, I can’t escape Noah in our small Tennessee town. And the more I run into him, the more he infuriates me. Because he sees what no one else does.

He sees me—the real me.

The me I’m not sure I’m allowed to be.

I’m Ruby Grace Barnett, the mayor’s daughter. Soon to be a politician’s wife, just like Mama and Daddy always wanted. Soon to fulfill my family’s legacy, just like I always knew I would.

Until the boy everyone warned me about makes me question everything, like whether the wedding I’m planning is one I even want.

Everyone said Noah Becker was nothing but trouble.

If only I had listened.

 Noah Becker is nothing but trouble...

...but he definitely is the right kind of trouble! At least for Ruby Grace who comes to the distillery to get a wedding gift for her fiancé and finds so much more.
What do you do, when the first one to see you, you as a person with all your dreams and all your hopes, is the one everybody warns you away from?
Well, if you are Ruby Grace, you might find that everybody doesn't always know what is best for you and you might want to find out for yourself what life really has in store for you. Your well-suited and ambitious fiancé or the trouble-maker, the rude and dirty one - who is really the right one for you?

I loved every single page of this book that kept me on my toes and made me laugh and swoon and I might have used a few choice words when we learn a bit more about said fiancé and his character. Noah and his brothers are amazing characters, very down to earth and hardworking but very close as a family and always there for each other and those that they care for.

"That was a brother's love. It was resilient, and always there - even when we didn't deserve it." (Chapter 17)
Life has changed a lot ever since the fire that took their father and left some very big questions that still haven't been answered. I would really love to know more about it, I want to know what really happened and why...

Back to our hero and our heroine though. I loved the chemistry, the slow burn and even though Ruby Grace was engaged to someone else, it never felt as if they would cheat. Sure, they didn't act on their feelings, not really, but you can feel that they belong together and the more you get to know her and the more you learn about her fiancé the more it feels as if there was something missing, something that is there when she is with Noah. And Noah feels the same and he wants her to be his and be there for her

"We're in this together, and it's not just about me and my dreams. It's about you and yours, too."
(Chapter 16)

Some decisions are not his to make though and when the worst happened...I was devastated. Absolutely devastated. Soooo....well, you should just read it and find out for yourself.
All in all this book is amazing and captivating and I really enjoyed reading it. You shouldn't forget the handkerchiefs and if you are prone to laugh out loud while reading, well, you'd better don't read this book in public. This book really had it all, all the feelings, all the fun, and the tears and the amazing
characters wrapped up in a great story.

Montag, 17. Juni 2019

BRAND NEW COVERS.... #RelentlesSeries

...for the most amazing series around! 

Do you remember the 
Relentless series by Karen Lynch?

and Nikolas' book 

It's Roland's story next:

And then there was Chris...

...and last but definitely not least but the full package and so much more because Jordan is the...


Aren't they simply gorgeous?!? I can't decide which one I love best because they are all amazing! 

 The Trilogy, well, it's not just a cover but it's also a story there that is told in these three covers and I love it! 
Warrior? Strong, passionate Nikolas and his swords are so much  THIS, this cover fits him perfectly!
Haven, with our wolves who love nature and this cover with its warm and earthy tones and, oh, so much more!
Fated for Chris and our dove...and of course Jordan's
Hellion. Pinkish, girly and at the same time, strong and intense and, well, the dagger...that's a story for another time, right? 

Did I mention that I love these covers? I loved the old ones as well but these are simply stunning!

And? Do you like them?

(By the way - these beauties were created by
The Illustrated Author Design Services)