Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 5. August 2016

The Valiant Highlander (Highland Defender #2) - Amy Jarecki


When Sir Donald MacDonald, Baronet of Sleat meets trews-wearing, musket-wielding, redheaded Mary of Castleton, he’s completely flummoxed. Such a woman would never fit in to his aristocratic way of life. And Mary wants nothing to do with her father’s wishes for her betrothal. Indeed, the two agree on one thing: They are completely, utterly and inarguably incompatible.

But when Mary is abducted from Dunscaith Castle and spirited away in Sir Donald’s sea galley, the baronet has no choice but to mount a rescue. When his plans are thwarted at every turn, Donald and Mary are thrown in a tumultuous a race for their very lives. Though destiny brings them together, Don must face the truth smoldering in the recesses of his heart. Can he cast aside his ideals and declare his love for the saucy Highland lass?

I really liked this book. It has an interesting and somewhat unusual plot and what I loved best - it has strong characters. Both, the hero and the heroine are amazing and even though it is not that unusual as an idea it is nice to see how the very proper, very arrogant Sir Donald MacDonald, Baronet of Sleat falls for the not very proper but very courageous Mary of Castleton who can shoot better than many men and who doesn't care for proper etiquette.

Of course it all starts with an abduction - or rather with a competition. Or a madman. Or - anyway, when Mary is abducted, it is Sir Donald who goes after her. Very quickly things get very rough and the two of them run for their very lives. Mutual respect turns to a bit more than respect but will Don be able to overcome his ideals of a perfect society wife?

This fast-paced story, set shortly after the massaker of Glencoe with all the restrictions for the Scots that followed afterwards, is gripping and well told. Some parts of it are foreseeable but, hey, that's why I read romance, I want the hard guy fall for the wallflower or the woman who is not meek and not "perfect", problem there. The characters are interesting and well developed and I liked how the historical events were woven into the plot.



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