Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

"101 Things A Translator Needs To Know"

Talking about translation...

I really love this book:


This is a book for beginners.
It’s also a book for seasoned professionals, students and teachers. For freelancers and staff translators. For amateurs and experts, generalists and super-specialists — be they certified and sworn, recognised, authorised... or simply tantalised by translation’s potential for a varied and enriching career.
The authors are all successful translation professionals in fields ranging from highly technical to literary. Here they share insights and tips about what translation involves and how a professional translator needs to think, work and act when dealing with clients and colleagues.

I got this book for christmas because my translation teacher recommended it. It really is a book that is interesting for every translator, a hopeful future one like me or a rather experienced one. Every other page carries a simple but nevertheless very important statement, underlined by some explanations and a drawing on the other page. Those statements deal with transalation itself and what it means to translate a text and with the interaction between client and translator and the way you as a transaltor represent yourself. Short, simple statements, easy to grasp but with a lot of impact. 

The book was written by a number of experienced translators who share their wisdom and help you see the simple but very important things that make a difference no matter if you're dealing with a text or a client. I love the way those statements are presented because it reminds me a bit of a comic or one of those books that you place in the bathroom where people can browse and amuse themselves, you know? 
Much content but without being stuffy or too much like a manual or whatever. Just a very useful and well done book that you can enjoy in tiny bits and bites or read as a whole.

I can definitely recommend this amazing and helpful book!


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