Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 14. August 2017

The Scotsman by Virginia Brown


Pushed beyond his limits. . .

Scotsman Alexander Fraser has lost too much in his fight for freedom from the English. So when his younger brother is taken hostage by the cruel Earl of Warfield, Alex retaliates by kidnapping the earl's delicate daughter . . . only to find she's nothing he expected.

Taken for ransom. . .

Catherine Worth, daughter of Warfield, knows her value. She's worth nothing to her father except as, now tarnished, property to be traded through marriage to a titled ally. He won't trade a valuable prisoner for her return. Her life is in the hands of her cold and ruthless captor as he realizes that there will be no trade. What she doesn't count on is falling in love with a man like none she's ever known.

Neither expected passion. Neither expected the choices they'd face. Alex must someday give her up . . . or forfeit his brother's life.

 This book was nice but also rather foreseeable. I know, many of those books are foreseeable and that's exactly why we read them but I felt as if something unique was missing. Oh, the hero and the heroine deal well with each other and their problems are tough and very real but somehow it couldn't hold my attention. Maybe, if I read it again another time, I might be more captivated but somehow I doubt that. Oh, the story is fine and the characters are nice but... Of course, not everything was foreseeable but it was lacking some kind of spark and something that makes it different.
I liked it well enough but I'm not sure that I will ever read it again.


Samstag, 12. August 2017

Falling For His Mate (Crescent Moon #6) by Savannah Stuart/Katie Reus

It's not often that I read novellas but this is one that I can recommend...



 He screwed up.

Second in command of the O’Shea wolf pack, Andrew Reid screwed up and let Charlotte walk away from him. Now that he’s come to his senses, he’s determined to win her back, no matter how much he has to grovel. Because she’s a woman worth fighting for.

She’s not willing to trust him again.

Charlie thought Andrew was different from other males, that what they shared was real—that their connection was the rare mating pull. But a true mate wouldn’t have ghosted on her the way he did. So no matter what he wants, she’s not playing his games. To capture her heart for good, he’ll have to prove he’s worthy of a second chance. Even if that means he has to give up everything, including his pack.



Yep, I like the books by Katie Reus, "even" when she writes under her pen name Savannah Stuart.
What do you do when you have finally found your mate, the one and only and - you are too much of a coward and really, really blow it?

Right, you go work in .... Oh, no, you have to read that for yourself! Anyway, he is definitely willing to do everything to get Charlie back!
I really enjoyed reading this book. It is sweet, light-hearted and  - he has to fight for his luck. Charlie does hold out for a while but as any romantic will love to hear, she is not cruel about it and, well, if you hope for a Happily Ever After, well, you might get lucky. Perhaps.


Freitag, 11. August 2017

Wicked Takeover (Wicked Brand #1) by Tina Donahue (


She’s just inherited a tattoo parlor…and the hunk who comes with it.

Lauren’s in a helluva mess. Not only has she lost her corporate HR job, she’s just inherited Wicked Brand, a struggling West Palm Beach tattoo parlor…along with the virile dude who runs it. Lauren’s full-figured, sorta pretty, and wanting him badly. Dream on. She’s here to sell the place as quickly as possible for some much-needed cash and score a new position in the corporate world.

Dante’s sinfully hot with a killer smile and beautifully inked biceps. He sees the heat in Lauren’s eyes despite her conservative appearance, recognizing the dynamite woman she could be if she’d just loosen up and have some wicked fun. Dominance and submission. Making love in a public place. Having her lush body always accessible to and ready for his.

Unwilling and unable to keep their hands to themselves, Lauren and Dante turn to carnal games and seduction. Until lust turns to surprising need and friendship to something deeper that might just change their futures.

I must admit that I had underestimated the amount of sex this book would include. As this is not the book's fault but mine, it has no effect on my rating. I just mention it because, even though it is well written, I felt like skipping a lot of pages when Lauren and Dante got started...

On the whole, it was a nice story with very unique and amazing characters. Dante is simply great, reading about him, well, I guess, he is the sort of guy, most women dream of (which of course, is also part of the problem, at least for Lauren who is rather self-conscious due to her shyness and her figure), Lauren is sweet and you just hope that she starts to believe in herself and in Dante and his feelings.

Oh, and don't forget Van Gogh and Jasmina, they are sweet and, well, let's just face it, Van Gogh is the proverbial genius, artistic, amazing but socially completely inept.
I was very happy to see Lauren find love with Dante but somehow the whole story made a turn into, well, a kind of fairytale land in the end, when in a very short time everything just turned out more than well.
Somehow, in the span of less than a year, dreams come true and miracles happen. Okay, something like that.

Nevertheless, it is a nice story and worth reading!


Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

Love Heals All by Alison Mello



I’m not the same man I once was.
The things I’ve seen, the things I’ve done, haunt me every day…and every night. It never leaves, always scratching and clawing at the surface of my mind, driving me insane.
When I close my eyes, the images are there. I can’t forget the pain, the fear. I don’t think anyone could.
And then there’s Brooke, the girl I left behind years ago because of my deployment. But I’m back now, and she’s still the woman I want. The connection we shared in the past is still there, as if I had never left.
The only problem is I need to find a way to heal and get rid of the demons I carry around inside, and I need to do it before it destroys me.
Before it destroys her.


Phew, that book wasn't easy to rate. Even though there were times when I sat there sobbing and using a bunch of tissues, there were other times when I easily could put the book aside. At the beginning, I thought I'd never really get into it because it felt a the best way to describe it, I think.

Maybe it was due to the fact that it is a first-person narration set in the present tense but I've read other books by Alison Mello and didn't feel that way at all. Somehow I felt as if I was witnessing people on stage. The words were right but somehow the tone was a bit distant and I couldn't really feel for the characters, no matter what happened.

And then there were the times when I just sat there with those aforementioned tissues and cared a lot, obviously.... That's why I finally ended up rating it with four stars, a bit weak but nevertheless four stars because, in the end, the story got me despite my initial problems with the tone.

Those of you who have loved "Embracing love", the first book in the series, will be thrilled to hear that you will meet Remy and Kenzie again.
All in all, I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series and I'll love to meet Vaughn and Brooke and Remy and Kenzie again and see how they fare.


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Und der Gewinnner unseres Gewinnspiels ist......





Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Resurrection (Redemption Harbor #1) by Katie Reus


From USA Today bestselling author Katie Reus comes the ALL NEW Redemption Harbor series where sparks fly and so do bullets…

She faked her own death…

Skye Arévalo left the CIA and faked her death to protect Colt Stuart, the only man she ever loved. Months later, a brutal kidnapping draws her to infiltrate a dangerous cartel. Just when she thinks she’s home free, things go horribly wrong and she escapes with bloodthirsty enemies on her heels…only to find herself face to face with a bewildered and angry Colt.

He’ll cross every line to save her… 

When Colt Stuart, a former Marine, finds out the woman he loved betrayed him, he’s shocked and hurt, but it doesn’t stop him from breaking every law on the books to keep her alive. Unfortunately, it might not be enough to stop a powerful enemy who will do anything to see Skye dead.

Honestly, this book was amazing! Fast-paced, bad-ass heroines and their strong and loving partners, an amazing story - all in all, a thrilling book that kept me hooked till the last page. The group of friends watching out for each other, the amazing characters whose chemistry is off the charts and makes you feel how much they really love each other.
There were times when I wasn't sure if the story might get foreseeable but each time the author surprised me with the direction the story took and I was very happy to see that our hero and our heroine were strong enough to fight for what they want. They don't give up, they fight and they do it together with their friends.

And don't get me started on those friends, they are simply amazing. Close-knit, standing up for each other, caring and having each other's backs. Always, no matter what happens.
It was sweet to see tough Skye find her place in this group, to see her fall in love with Colt all over again (not that she ever stopped laving him) and to see how much he cares for her in return.

I'm definitely looking forward to reading the other books in this series!


Dienstag, 8. August 2017

The Bad Luck Bride (The Cavensham Heiresses #1) by Janna MacGregor


A man of honor, Alexander Hallworth, Marquess of Pembrooke, will not rest until he exacts revenge on the man who destroyed his family. Just one more piece must fall into place for him to succeed he needs to convince his enemy s fiancee, the tragically beautiful Lady Claire Cavensham, to marry him instead.

Lady Claire s curse has always left her one misstep away from social ruin her past three engagements have gone awry, and now her fourth is headed in the same direction. . .until Alex, a man she barely even knows, shocks the ton and Claire by announcing their engagement. What begins as a sham turns into something deeper, and more passionate, than either Claire or Alex could have imagined. But when their secrets are revealed, will the truth behind their union scandalize them both or is their love strong enough to break the curse and lead them toward their happily ever after?

I must admit that it took me some time to read the Bad Luck Bride because I was so upset with Alex, our hero that I couldn't read on for a while. Actually, I just dreaded the moment when Claire would realize...well, that moment, you know. Even though Alex has the best intentions, sometimes that is not enough, is it?

Apart from that  - or rather, due to that, you can easily see that I enjoyed reading the book very much and was really captivated by it, so much that it bothered me to see my hero and my heroine hurt.
The story was well plotted and well done and I loved to see Claire and Alex find their happiness, even though the way to get there wasn't always an easy one.
The characters that we get to meet in this wonderful story are interesting and complex - and very very lovable. You can feel the chemistry between our hero and our heroine who fall in love, who feel betrayed and who are able to overcome their difficulties and trust again.

Okay, one broken engagement was pretty bad in those times, two of them, well, you might get away with that, when you are the daughter of a duke like our heroine, Claire. But, seriously? When it comes to broken engagement n°3 and 4, well, let*s just say that that would be a hard pill to swallow, even for someone in our time. For a young woman in the 1800s...., well, bad luck like that meant certain ruin. So, when Alex offers to step in as a potential husband right after she learns that her from-now-on-ex-fiancé has broken their engagement, she takes him up on his offer. Everything is better than all the talk about her bad luck and the curse, and truth be told, she is running out of options if she ever wants to marry and have a family of her own.

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and I can definitely recommend it!