Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 16. November 2017

Rogue Affair (Rogue) by Adriana Anders, Ainsley Booth, Amy Jo Cousins, Stacey Adgern, Tamsen Parker, Kelly Maher, Emma Barry, Dakota Gray



When all else fails, find passion.

Even more new romances for readers who can't get enough of everyday heroes and for everyone who wanted more of the Rogue Desire Anthology...

Okay, different authors, different styles, so I didn't like every story as much as the others but on the whole I really enjoyed reading this collection.
Many of the stories are not only about love in all its variations but they do also show the impact that bigotry, intolerance, hate, and racism have on peoples' lives. And they show that peoples' lives matter, no matter where they come from or whether they are white, black or - whatever.
These stories show the love of many different couples for each other, some of them homosexual, many of them somewhat steamy (some others very steamy) and, well, some of them are also a bit rough around the edges and some are a bit sweeter.
These stories are like a caleidoscope of human relationships that shows how much diversity enriches our lives and our society.
If you don't mind a bit of steam, a lot of love and many different and colourful characters, this collection of novellas might be just right for you!



Mittwoch, 15. November 2017

(Sur)real by Melissa Haag


My sisters hate their gifts, but they don’t know how lucky they are. They have a home and family. I have nothing. But, I am Courage, and I know my purpose. I exist for one reason only: to complete the Judgement.

Olivia is blind, yet sees. And what she sees, she keeps to herself. Her father conspires for control while Olivia does her own plotting with forces that only she understands. Now, time is running out, and choices that will impact the world must be made.

We've been with the Judgements and the wolves in their lives now for a long time and now, this book is the final book in this amazing series, this is the end of our journey, this is the book where the Judgement will be made. This is the time when Hope, Prosperity, Wisdom, Strength, Peace, and Courage come together to change the future of our world.

Well, this book definitely did change my world. It's not just intense but also one of those books that you should never ever read in public because it'll leave you crying, sobbing, tentatively smiling, hoping...and sobbing once again.
A rollercoaster of emotions, knuckle-biting, kindle-throwing, hanky-crunching action from the beginning straight to the end that kept me glued to the pages.

This book and its characters stayed with me long after the last page had been read. The fate of so many of them ..well, there are some things that happened, let's just say that it'll take me even more time till I'll even start to forgive the author, IF I ever forgive her...

Gripping, intense, emotional - a worthy finale to an amazing series!


Dienstag, 14. November 2017





 An amazing new series by May McGoldrick 

that brings us right back to Baronsford and the new generation of Penningtons:

In this stunning series starter by USA Today bestselling author May McGoldrick, meet the new generation of Penningtons...five brothers and sisters of passion and privilege. Enter their aristocratic world…where each will fight injustice and find love.

Hugh Pennington—Viscount Greysteil, Lord Justice of the Scottish Courts, hero of the Napoleonic wars—is a grieving widower with a death wish. When he receives an expected crate from the continent, he is shocked to find a nearly dead woman inside. Her identity is unknown, and the handful of American coins and the precious diamond sown into her dress only deepen the mystery.

Grace Ware is an enemy to the English crown. Her father, an Irish military commander of Napoleon’s defeated army. Her mother, an exiled Scottish Jacobite. When Grace took shelter in a warehouse, running from her father’s murderers through the harbor alleyways of Antwerp, she never anticipated bad luck to deposit her at the home of an aristocrat in the Scottish Borders. Baronsford is the last place she could expect to find safety, and Grace feigns a loss of memory to buy herself time while she recovers.

Hugh is taken by her beauty, passion, and courage to challenge his beliefs and open his mind. Grace finds in him a wounded man of honor, proud but compassionate. When their duel of wits quickly turns to passion and romance, Grace’s fears begin to dissolve…until danger follows her to the very doors of Baronsford. For, unknown to either of them, Grace has in her possession a secret that will wreak havoc within the British government. Friend and foe are indistinguishable as lethal forces converge to tear the two lovers apart or destroy them both.


Sounds good? Read on!



 Looking the shipping crate over for damage and seeing none, he retrieved an iron crow from a workbench. Jo was standing inside the doors, eyeing the box doubtfully from a safe distance.
Come closer. It won’t bite.”
Not a chance. From the smell of that thing, a person would think you’re importing cadavers. Have you also taken up being a Resurrectionist as a hobby?”
He patted the crate affectionately. “This sweet thing has been sitting in the bowels of a ship from Antwerp. You know what the hold of a ship smells like?”
Actually, I don’t.” She held a handkerchief to her nose and drew closer. “But I think you’re correct with the reference to ‘bowels.’”
Hugh took the first nail out. “Well, stand back, since you’ve become so prissy. Though I recall a younger version of you leading the rest of us through bogs and marshes that smelled no better.”
Of course! But as I recall, we had frogs and turtles and the occasional dragon that needed hunting,” she replied with a smile. “Very well. Open it and let’s see this treasure of yours.”
Prying off the top took him only a moment. Throwing it to the side, he pulled back the tarp that covered the basket and then stared curiously at the dark green rags bundled at the bottom.
Leaning in, Hugh’s enthusiasm evaporated as a horrid realization settled in. This was no pile of old clothing. A shock of blond hair. A shoe. A hand. The body of a dead woman lay curled up in the gondola.
Bloody hell.”
What is it?” Immediately, Jo was at his side. “Good God!”
Hugh climbed in and crouched beside the body. He took her hand. She was cold to the touch. His heart sank. The crate had been shipped from Antwerp. To be trapped for so many days with no water, no food, in the cold and damp of the ship’s hold. He had no idea who this woman was or how she came to be in here.
The thought struck him. Perhaps it wasn’t an inadvertent act. Perhaps she was murdered and her body had been dumped into the crate.
Dismay and alarm clawed at him as he pushed away the matted ringlets of golden hair. She was young. He lifted her chin. The body had none of the stiffness of postmortem. He stared at her lips. He may have imagined it but they seemed to have moved.
Bright . . .” The whisper was a mere rustle of leaves in a breeze.
The fingers jerked and came to life, clutching at his hand.
She’s not dead,” he called to Jo, relieved. “Send for the doctor. I’ll take her to the house.”
His sister ran out, calling for help, and he lifted the woman. She emitted a low groan. Her limbs had been locked in the same cramped position for so many days. Hugh propped her over the side of the gondola.
Stay with me,” he encouraged. “Talk to me.”
Holding the woman in place, he clambered from the basket and then gently lifted her out, cradling her in his arms. She weighed next to nothing.
As they went out into the rain, he feared she was about to die. The exertion of trying to breathe showed on her face. He’d seen this on the battlefield. The final effort before death.
Starting up the path, he stumbled, not realizing the woman’s skirts were dragging on the ground. He staggered but caught himself before they went down. Her head lolled against his chest, her face gray and mask-like. She appeared to be slipping away. It would be a shame that she’d survived the crossing only to perish now.
A dagger point of anger pierced Hugh’s brain as he recalled another dismal day when he’d lifted two other bodies, wrapped in burial shrouds, from a wooden box.
Talk to me,” he ordered. “Say something.”
As he made his way up the hill toward the house, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky above Baronsford. Thunder shook the ground and the sky opened, unleashing fierce torrents of rain on them.
His wife. His son. Hugh hadn’t been there for them. They’d died as he and the British army were being chased by the French across Spain. He’d been trying to save his men’s lives, not knowing that those most precious to him were suffering.
You’ve survived a horrifying ordeal. Give me the chance to save you.”
The woman struggled weakly in Hugh’s arms, and her head tipped back. He watched as her lips parted, welcoming the wetness of the falling rain.
We’re almost there.”
Bright . . .” she murmured.
He looked into her face and saw she was trying hard to open her eyes.
Yes, brighter than that crate,” he said, encouraged by her effort. Any movement, however small, gave him hope. “And you’ve been in there for Lord knows how long.”


The author(s) 

Author Bio

Authors Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick (writing as May McGoldrick) weave emotionally satisfying tales of love and danger. Publishing under the names of May McGoldrick and Jan Coffey, these authors have written more than thirty novels and works of nonfiction for Penguin Random House, Mira, HarperCollins, Entangled, and Heinemann. Nikoo, an engineer, also conducts frequent workshops on writing and publishing and serves as a Resident Author. Jim holds a Ph.D. in Medieval and Renaissance literature and teaches English in northwestern Connecticut. They are the authors of Much Ado About Highlanders, Taming the Highlander, and Tempest in the Highlands with SMP Swerve.

Author Links



Donnerstag, 9. November 2017

Fool me once by (First Wives Series, Book 1) Catherine Bybee


Okay, I honestly didn't put this book down once I'd started reading it. I was glued to my reader, following the ups and downs in Lori's and Reed's (love) lives. The story was intriguing and well plotted and its many twists and turns kept me on my toes. Of course, there was this one scene that I was dreading, the one thing that I expected to happen and that happened and, well, it went as expected but....

Yup, you should definitely read this book.
It is full of action, fast-paced and its characters are warm, standing up for each other, owning up to their mistakes and working at proving and redeeming themselves. Ruthless villains, mysterious women, amazing friends or - "first wives" and some swoon-worthy romance.

I loved the idea of the "Alliance" and the way Sam and Lori watched over their (former) clients, helping them, protecting them, comforting them - and finding close friends along the way. by the way, as much as I loved Avery and Trina, I must admit that I really really want to get Shannon back for good with Paul, just saying.

I was upset with Reed, obviously, as he messed up but as you could totally see that he was in it for completely different reasons than the seemingly obvious ones, I was prepared to forgive him and, well, let*s just say that his actions definitely redeemed him.  Especially everything he did, when things got really rough...
This was my first book by Catherine Bybee but it won't be my last!


Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

Lieber Daddy Long Legs von Jean Webster #RoyalBookRumble


Vor kurzem habe ich im Rahmen einer Blogtour, dem


zu den 

aus dem Carlsen Verlags ein ganz wunderschönes Buch gewonnen, das heute ankam: 

 Fast 18 Jahre hat Judy Abbott im Waisenhaus gelebt. Wegen ihrer literarischen Begabung wird sie nun von einem geheimnisvollen Wohltäter aufs College geschickt. Der Mann möchte namenlos bleiben, Judy soll ihm aber jeden Monat einen Brief über ihre Fortschritte schreiben. Voller Begeisterung stürzt sich Judy in dieses unbekannte Leben. 
Mehr als einmal im Monat schreibt sie „Mr Smith“, denn sie hat ja sonst niemanden auf der Welt, mit dem sie ihre Erlebnisse teilen kann. Briefe voller Witz, über Hüte und Literatur, über neue Freundschaften und immer öfter auch über den sympathischen Jervis Pendleton.

Abgesehen davon, dass ich diese Geschichte schon als Kind verschlungen und immer und immer wieder gelesen habe, weil ich sie so wunderschön und gleichzeitig traurig, aber auch so wunderbar optimistisch und rundum positiv geschrieben fand, ist diese spezielle Ausgabe auch einfach traumhaft gestaltet. 
 Das Blumenmuster, das den Anfang eines jeden neuen Kapitels einleitet und die liebevollen Details, aber auch das kleinere, edel wirkende Format und das Lesebändchen, vermitteln einem schon beim ersten Hineingucken und Anfassen einen ganz besonderen Eindruck.

Schon das Cover ist ja ein absoluter, wunderschöner Hingucker, aber auch wenn man den Schutzumschlag abmacht, ist das Buch immer noch einen Blick mehr wert:

Ich liebe die Briefe, die Judy Abbott an ihren Wohltäter, den geheimnisvollen Daddy Long-Legs-Smith schickt, heute noch immer genauso wie früher. Wenn Judy langsam ihren Horizont erweitert und die Welt um sich herum erkundet, die ihr durch das Leben im Waisenhaus verschlossen geblieben ist, wenn sie langsam lernt, wie es ist, wenn man Freunde hat und sie immer mehr ihre Flügel streckt und nebenbei auch einen gewissen jungen Mann kennenlernt, der durchaus einen großen Eindruck auf sie macht, dann fiebert man mit, man lacht, man weint - vor allem aber lacht man, weil Judy einfach so lebensfroh schreibt und mit einer solchen Offenheit das Leben angeht, dass man als Leser einfach mitgerissen wird.
Manchmal wird einem durchaus bewusst, dass ihr Leben im Waisenhaus nicht einfach war, aber Judys starke Persönlichkeit und ihr Optimismus erlaubt es einem, mit ihr zusammen das Gute zu sehen und auch etwaige Rückschläge wieder wegzustecken, um gleich am nächsten Tag das Leben wieder aufs Neue anzugehen.

Ich glaube, ich höre jetzt dann besser mal auf, ich denke, man hat gemerkt, dass dieses Buch etwas Besonderes ist, oder? Wer es nicht kennt, glaubt mir, es ist einfach ein Buch, das man gelesen haben muss, weil es sooo schön ist! Und diese ganz spezielle Ausgabe in dieser wirklich wunderbaren Übersetzung rundet das Ganze dann ab.


Du möchtest reinschnuppern? 


Und wer außerdem auch noch wissen möchte, 
warum es diesen Verlag mit den wunderschönen Büchern leider bald nicht mehr geben wird: 



Dienstag, 7. November 2017

The Right Kind of Reckless (Reckless Hearts #2) by Heather Van Fleet



I'm in love with a woman I can't have, and there's absolutely nothing I can do to stop myself from falling.

The problem? Her brother's my best friend.

I shouldn't want her this much. Not when it goes against the bro code. Not when I've never been able to commit to a woman for longer than a night.

But one look into her eyes and I'm a mess for her. She's my everything. And I have to walk away with nothing.


Where to start with this book? I loved it. It was funny and amazing and I laughed a lot and I swooned a lot and I giggled even more - and I fell for those guys, little beaner and all those around them once more.
Max and Lia are a wonderful couple with lots of chemistry and sparks that could light the sky, even when they are not fighting.

Max, Collin, and Gavin, three former marines, have been living together since they returned to the States after their last raid. Together they take care of little Chloe, Collin's nine-months-old daughter. The way these strong and very manly guys fawn over the little girl - simply incomparable. They are so sweet with her and protective, it is really cute.

Oh, their protectiveness doesn't stop there, it also extends to Lia, Collin's sister. Max has had a crush on her for a long time now - and she on him but due to circumstances (and Collin and, of course, Lia's history) they never acted on it. Okay, almost never.
Lia has been acting up and changed her style and outfit to something pretty badass ever since the fatal night where Max came to her rescue. Ever since that night, she has had major trust issues and, well, let's just say that Max reputation as a...lover of women...or something like that... doesn't really help.
Would he be able to change for the right girl? And how would Collin react to his friend dating his little sister (no matter how old she is and how good she is at kicking ass herself) if Max was able to convince this pink-haired, sassy goddess that she could trust him?

Another funny, smart and wonderful book in this series - I can't wait for the next!

Oh, by the way - you might want to check out Reckless Hearts first, it is not necessary to understand The Right Kind of Reckless but you might enjoy it even more.


The Bride Who Got Lucky (The Cavensham Heiresses #2) by Janna MacGregor

 He would do anything to protect her. Even marry her…
The son of a cold-hearted duke, Nicholas St. Mauer isn’t one to involve himself in society…or open his own heart to anyone. But driven by honor, the reclusive Earl of Somerton feels obliged to keep a watchful eye on Lady Emma Cavensham. She possesses a penchant for passions unbecoming a woman that finds Nick in constant peril of losing his well-structured solitude. She even dared kiss Nick once—an utterly unladylike, and delightful, lapse…

Emma can’t deny the appeal of the earl’s attention, and occasional affection, but she has no need for a man. There are worse fates than spinsterhood, as Emma knows too well. She still mourns the loss of her dear friend Lena, and is determined to prove Lena’s husband responsible for her death before he lures another innocent woman into a brutal marriage. But as Emma pursues her prey, a compromising moment upends all her plans. Now, with gossip swirling and her reputation in tatters, Nick may be the only man brave enough to join in Emma’s cause. . .and fight for her heart.
If you have read The Bad Luck Bride, you might remember that Alex and Claire remarked on the probability of something developing between Somerton and Lady Emma. Claire was convinced that she saw something between those two whereas Alex was equally convinced that Somerton would never allow himself to get close to a woman. Well, The Bride who got Lucky might enlighten both of them, whose assessment was the more accurate...

At least, she might, when all is said and done because our hero and our heroine being as opposed to marriage as they are, both of them with good reason and due to their personal experiences, do not exactly have a smooth trip when they're trying to navigate the marital seas. Their courtship, if you could even call it one, is overshadowed by Emma's loss of a good friend, bad decisions, adversaries and the everpresent rumours of the ton. Considering the fact that, originally at least, none of them was even in the market for a spouse, well, things tend to change and to change fast, when love comes along.

I already loved Emma's family, the Cavenshams after everything they have done for Claire and how much they protected her at all costs at the time when she was The Bad Luck Bride. You can always feel that this is a family whose members care deeply for each other and who protect their own. Once again they prove how amazing they are, even if the Duke and his wife are getting a bit upset sometimes, in this book and, well, looking at Somerton and his lack of a loving and caring family, you can but be very happy to see him become a part of this close-knit family.

I also loved that Emma was not just talking about the injustice of the way women were treated and what rights they had, her attempts at getting justice for the death of her friend in a man's world but that she was also doing something about it and that her family was backing her up.
I already said that I loved this family, right?

Well written with lots of action, wit, and a well-plotted story, I really enjoyed reading this book and can definitely recommend it!