Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 26. September 2015

To save a sinner - Adele Clee ~Review in English~

To save a sinner by Adele Clee
ISBN: 9780993283208 


Historical Regency Romance To Save a Sinner Shunned by Society for causing the death of Lord Banbury, the charismatic Lucas Dempsey is disowned by his family and sent to live in Boston. When his brother pleads for his return, Lucas expects to be the topic of scandalous gossip. He did not expect to be woken from his bed by an intriguing young lady determined to save his wicked soul. Winner of the 2015 Chicago-North RWA Fire & Ice Contest (historical category)

As a reader one can debate about the historical correctness of the book especially as it takes some (more) liberties concerning said correctness but apart from that it is an incredibly vivacious book that captivated me from the first page on! 
The blurb is somewhat misleading and when I started to read I was very pleased to realize that it turned out to be very different from what I was expecting.
The story itself is peppy and even exciting but not that extraordinary to make a difference, it is the characters that make it remarkable.
Especially Helena as the heroine, impresses the reader by her open and honest character and also by the way she uses her wit, her charme and her brain when dealing with those around her.

At the latest from the moment of her verbal sparring with the former lover of Lucas Dempsey, she should have conquered the last of the readers but besides that it was her exceptionally refreshing and lovable nature that took my heart by storm. And Lucas Dempsey quickly succumbs to her charm as well even though Helena doesn't even try to conquer him, after all she just went to see him in order to warn him...

Written in a charming and humorous manner, the book accompanies its heroes when they're searching for the man who destroyed Lucas' life – and if there are some sparks flying when the two of them interact, the reader just sighs contentedly and enjoys the knowledge how well those two suit one another, even if the one or the other needs a bit time to understand that fact.

“To save a sinner” is a book that surprised me and that I definitely haven't read the last time!

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