Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2016

Audiobook "Witches" by Ednah Walters, read by Stephanie Terry ~Review in English~

Guess, which books are available as audiobooks now?!

I've read many books written by Ednah Walters and all other books in the Runes-Series and I really love how well developed the characters are. With each book they seem to be getting more complex and more intriguing while the style is also getting even more polished and the text even more elaborate than before.

My favorite book in this series is Witches, I love how the story evolves there and how Raine and Torin and their friends get closer. As a reader you can feel how they start to trust eachother and learn to rely on the others.
The characters are authentic and convincing, they make mistakes and learn from them, and they learn to face the demons of their past.

Witches is really great, I loved everything about it and couldn't put it down, I was hooked right from the first page on! really was a little bit of a risk to listen to the audiobook of course because the best book isn't that good anymore if the narrator doesn't fit but... that's definitely not a problem here!

I love the narrator and the way she reads the story. It is very expressive and read with feeling without ever getting too sentimental or overdoing it and I also really like her voice and enjoy listening to it. Stephanie Terry is a great choice and I look forward to listening to the other books of the series as well that are also read by her!

A sample of  Runes read by Stephanie Terry is just one click away from you:


Check it out! 


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