Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2018

Irish Affair by Amanda Heartley


What do you do when your boyfriend has an affair…with another guy?

Fall for someone on the other side of the world, of course.
And he seems like the perfect distraction with his hot Irish brogue.
But when I cross the ocean to surprise him, it all turns to cr*p.
I'm starting to think it must be something about me.

Now I’m alone in the middle of Dublin, wondering how it all went so wrong.
All the guys I meet turn out to be douchebags and I’m swearing off men.
At least, that was my plan until he sat next to me at the bar. 
The moment those intense green eyes stray my way, I cave in.
The more time I spend with Rory, the more I like him, but I’m leery.

Seems like all the guys I fall for let me down eventually. 

I’m a famous music star, in Ireland at least. But I hate the limelight.
Just for once, I want to be with someone who likes me, just for me.
The moment she flashes that sexy smile at me, I’m hooked on those luscious lips.
And, I’m determined to show her us Irish guys aren’t all bad. 

I like her, but breaking down her defenses is harder than I thought.
I’m up for the craic, and if she'll let her guard down, I’ll show her I’m different.
That I’m not like the guys who hurt her before. But then, maybe I’m no better?
She has no clue who I am, and the longer I'm with her, the harder it is to tell her the truth.
I know I need to. If she finds out on her own, it’ll break her heart all over again.

And that’s the last thing I want to do.

Irish Affair: Book 1 in The Claddagh Trilogy and can be read as a standalone novella.
A small town, steamy music star romance that will melt your heart... and your panties!

Okay, this book was nice even though it couldn't captivate me completely.

There were too many coincidences and the hero and the heroine were nice but not totally convincing in my eyes. I liked Rory and Amelia well enough, don't get me wrong but I couldn't feel their connection and there was no chemistry. They didn't make the best choices when it came to being open and sharing and such but that was somewhat understandable. The story itself was rather foreseeable and their actions fit in with that but...they were sweet together but not more. And a love that makes you forsake all others and follow the other one to the other side of the world....well. There should be more, shouldn't there?

Despite that, this was a nice and entertaining read. I probably won't read it again and I won't read the next book in the series but it was nice nonetheless.


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