Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

Lady Midnight - Amanda McCabe

The daughter of an infamous courtesan, Katerina loses everyone she loves in a shipwreck off the coast of Italy. Now, without a penny to her name, she decides to pass herself off as a governess.

Still mourning his late wife, Michael Lindley knows his little sister and daughter need a woman's nurturing. But the dark-eyed beauty standing on his doorstep, claiming to be a widowed governess, is rekindling feelings he thought snuffed out long ago. Albeit, he hires her anyway.

But when Katerina and Michael finally dare to give way to desire, Katerina's past steps from the shadows... and demands her life.
Okay, all those who put emphasis on historical correctness might have some difficulties with this book as I think that some parts of it might not be very probable but all those who are more open minded will find a wonderful book that I really enjoyed.

The story of Katerina who gets a chance to change the course of her life and who finds people who are willing to help her and stay with her no matter what the opposition is really sweet. I loved Katerina and I loved Michael - and of course Christina and Amelia and... well, I didn't like Michael's mother. Nope. And I really hated Sir Julian Kirkwood, just saying.

When Katerina wakes up after a terrible accident, she finds herself alone. Her mother is gone but this also offers her a chance - the chance to have a different life than the one her mother, the most famous courtesan of Venice, had her prepared for. She finds a position as a governess in a small village in England and soon she finds that this life holds many surprises, not the least of them the attraction she feels for her employer, Michael Lindley. Life could be fine but then her past reaches out for her and someone is willing to do everything to get her back to the life she left behind... Will Michael and his family be brave enough to face scandal and worse for her?

The interesting, complex characters and the well constructed story with its twists and turns kept me well entertained and I really really enjoyed reading the book.
*I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for my honest review.*


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