Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

Wild Wolf (The Wolf Shifters of Raven Ridge #2) - Tessa Clarke


When sexy wolf shifter Sam Stone hears Sasha Green singing in church, he's determined to have her join his band... and come to his bed. But Sasha has lived under her parents' strict rules for a long time and doesn't quite know how to let her hair down.

Curvy Sasha has had a crush on Sam since high school, and he sets everything in her body on fire, but she has promised her dying mother that she will date Ben Collins, a good church-going boy and family friend.

To make matters worse, her police detective father isn't very fond of shifters, and there is a predator stalking women in Raven Ridge. 

Can Sam keep Sasha safe, win over her parents, and convince her to pursue her singing career and explore her wild side? 

Wild Wolf was a nice read but on the whole I felt that something was missing. The characters were very likable but lacked some depth. The story is nice as well and well done but I got rather mad while reading it because I was really upset by the way Sasha's parents controlled her life by always reminding her of her mother's illness and her imminent death.

Sasha, the 24ys old heroine of our book, is completely under her parents thumb. They expect her to be a good girl and to marry the man of their choice.  -  Yep, welcome to the 21st century....

When Sasha gets to know wolf shifter Sam, she realizes that she wants more from life than that and that she wouldn't mind having a certain good-looking, banjo playing shifter in it.
Unfortunately those around them don't agree Sasha and Sam find that it is not easy to claim your life especially when your father is a police detective.

I know that such things happen in reality either but very often I was just too upset by the way Sasha's parents tried to manipulate her to really enjopy the story even though it is well done otherwise.




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