Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

The Lady Who Drew Me In (Soul Survivor #3) by Thomasine Rappold


 Daisy Lansing's ability to transfer images from people's thoughts onto paper was a novelty she used to trot out to amuse her friends. But when her “entranced drawing” begins to cause serious trouble for her guardians, she is banished to the country and forced to marry a man twice her age. After the joyless wedding, Daisy is determined to bury forever the strange skill that upended her life. However, she soon finds herself a widow and in dire financial straits. Suddenly, her curse may be her one chance at true independence.

Jackson Gallway's reputation as a rogue has far surpassed his success as a lawyer. In the wake of yet another scandal, he decides to head west. But before he can escape Misty Lake, Jax makes a promise to find an elusive killer. When he encounters a lovely young artist with an unusual talent that could help him in his search, what he finds is something neither of them can escape . . .

Wow, this book was really great, it kept me glued to my reader from the first page to the last!
It's not just the story itself but also the characters that make it so special. When circumstances throw them together and they end up married without really knowing each other, Daisy and Jackson are on a very rough road towards marital bliss.

Both of them have issues of their own that make it hard for them to trust and, well, let's say that Jackson's lifstyle up to date hasn't really been that of the potential husband of one's dreams and on top of that he is a wanderer, never meant to sit still and stay in one place. The countryside? Oh, thanks, but no thanks, he's a city guy through and through - married to a young widow living in the countryside. Wellll...things happen, right? Unfortunately that doesn't mean that those things are easy to overcome. Add a murderer on the loose, an orphan in danger and Daisy's very special talent of transfering images from peoples' thoughts onto paper and you get a brilliant story full of suspense and twists and turns that keeps you captivated till the end.

I really really enjoyed reading this book and its wonderful heroine and hero and I know that this wasn't the last time that I've read this book and even though it was the first book by Thomasine Rappold that I've read,  it won't be the last time by her.


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