Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 5. Dezember 2016

Mistletoe & Mayhem (A Regency Yuletide Collection Book 4)


Merrily Mismatched by Virginia Brown
This Christmas, Miss Lily Jardine is getting something any girl would want – a betrothal offer. Too bad she’s falling for her soon-to-be fiancé’s brother instead . . .
The Snow Princess by Jo Ann Ferguson
 Lady Lucia Crossclyffe can’t resist the charms of Marquess of Rillington, a holiday visitor to her isolated island home. Little does she guess that he’s come there to ruin her . . .
Christmas Truce by Karen Frisch
After years of being presumed dead, Major Jeremy Stanhope has come home from the war. His first order of business – to propose to Lady Rosalie Partington, the woman who’s waited for him all these years. Only Rosalie is already betrothed . . . to the traitor who left him for dead!
Miss Montague’s Mistletoe Match by Sharon Sobel
Charles Hudson, the Earl of Westerly, has come to Windermere for Christmas with one intention – to offer for the woman whose letters have captivated him for the last year. But is the letter-writer the woman he thinks she is?

These four sweet stories are the perfect choice to get in the mood for christmas and the holiday season. They are charming, well written and every one of them is just the perfect mixture of sweetness and some suspense. The problems "our" heroes and heroines encounter are not insurmountable and even though those problems arise the reader never fears that something really bad would happen.

Of course this may sound a bit …well, boring, I guess…but it isn't because this is exactly the kind of story that you want to read when you're sitting in front of a cozy fire in your most comfortable armchair with a cup of tea or hot chocolate at your side while the snow keeps falling outside. Something light and sweet, dependably positive and charming that reminds you of the spirit of christmas. No need for the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present or Future - you just need those stories to remind you what christmas feels like or at least what it should feel like -cozy, sweet and peaceful with the certainty that you can overcome all obstacles.

At least that's what I expect when I read a christmas story and that's definitely what I got when I read these stories!


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