Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 23. März 2017

For the Love of English by A.M. Hargrove


 Single dad, Beckley Bridges, is sexy as hell.
No, really, he’s the hottest thing since the sun was created.
Honest to God, crack an egg on him and the thing will sizzle.
So what’s the problem?
He’s also a gigantic jerk.
I hate the bastard.
I try to avoid him at all costs.
But for some reason, everywhere I go he seems to show up.

Only the real issue is his daughter, English.
She’s an adorable quirky first-grader who’s the sweetest thing since iced tea.
And she’s one of my students but also the love of his life.
So I have to deal with him on a professional level.
It’s not easy.
On a scale of easy to hard, dealing with Beckley Bridges is like nails screeching across a blackboard.

But when English’s mother tries to gain custody after abandoning her on Beckley’s doorstep as an infant, he’ll do anything possible to keep English under his roof.

That’s how he ends up propositioning me.

And crazy as it sounds?
I find myself considering it.

Do you know this kind of story that leaves you with an aching face because you've been grinning all the time? Well, not all the time, there were times when I was really shocked and when I feared the worst, reading on and on while barely breathing, there were times when I was so furious and just couldn't believe what happened and, of course, there was a time when I felt crushed. I was devastated and just couldn't believe what had happened...

The story is nice but not that unusual but the wonderful, very very loveable characters make this book special. You definitely have to get used to Beck but his devotion to his daughter and the easy acceptance of his situation as a single father and of course, the loving way how he raises English, make it easy to warm up to him, despite his, well, let's say -  his grumpyness - at the beginning.

Sheridan is sweet and loving and English, well, I'd take her, like, right now. Sweet, loving, charming, smart and just the right amount of wild and tomboyish...perfect. And don't forget Beck's parents, they are amazing as well!
The characters are not very complex but in this case it doesn't matter as the story and the characters just fit. I loved this book and will definitely read it again - and other books by the author as well.

Oh, just a little warning - this book contains explicit scenes so if you prefer clean books, this might not be the right one for you. 



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