Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 9. März 2017

Resisting Miss Merryweather (Baleful Godmother #2) by Emily Larkin


She sees things no one else does...

Sir Barnaby Ware made a mistake two and a half years ago. A massive mistake. The sort of mistake that can never be atoned for.

He knows himself to be irredeemable, but the captivating and unconventional Miss Merryweather is determined to prove him wrong…

The daughter of a dancing master and a noblewoman, Miss Merryweather had an unusual upbringing. She sees things no one else sees—and she says things no one else says.

Sir Barnaby knows he’s the villain in this piece, but Miss Merryweather thinks he’s the hero—and she is damnably hard to resist…

Resisting Miss Merrywheather?
Who could resist her?

Merry is the one you want to have around when you feel low, the one you want to have around when you are upset and when you lost hope.
And Merry is the one who is around when Sir Barnaby needs someone who helps him to forgive himself when he comes to the christening of the son of his childhood friend Marcus who some readers might remember from the wonderful "Unmasking Miss Appleby". Those who remember will also remember that Barnaby made indeed a big mistake. Big - yes. Unforgivable - maybe. It all depends on his ability to forgive himself.
With someone like Merry around, well, it might be possible at last!
Oh, and guess what - Merry and Marcus' wife Charlotte have also something in common: A very frightening and irritating godmother.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Faerie godmothers do not exist."
Don't they?
Well, we are about to find out about that - again and let's just say that right then time is of the essence and, well, this godmother can't come too soon to grant her goddaughter her wish!

Once more Emily Larkin has done it: "Resisting Miss Merrywheather" is another wonderful book in the "Baleful Godmother"-Series! I loved Miss Appleby and her story, I loved Miss Trentham and Miss Merrywheather is irresistible as well. Just the right amount of magic to spice it up, a wonderful story with amazing, complex characters and a heroine and a hero that are just loveable and who simply belong together.


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