Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 7. März 2017

Trusting Miss Trentham (Baleful Godmother #3) by Emily Larkin


Five macaroons and a piece of plum cake....

...or how to bully someone back to life - and (perhaps) to love!
When Letty, or rather - Miss Letitia Trentham, heiress and a faerie's goddaughter with her own special kind of magic, meets Icarus Reid at the Hammond's ball, she doesn't know that his quest for the truth, his quest for justice will change her life forever.

And Icarus? Well, let's just say that he definitely underestimated the power of a woman bent on saving someone despite himself. Not just any woman but Letty Trentham, strong, generous, compassionate  - and extraordinarily stubborn. And macaroon per macaroon, nightmare per nightmare, Letty, a vial of valerian and of course Herodotus bully Icarus back to life.
Always at their side - Houghton, Green and Eliza.

I loved that even the minor characters are well developed and very very likeable.
I felt with Icarus and Letty, I loved to see how they found their way to each other, I loved their big hearts, their compassionate nature and their loyalty.

The whole story is unique and romantic and emotional and simply amazing. I loved "Unmasking Miss Appleby" by Emily Larkin and I loved every other of her books of the Baleful Godmother Series as well. It's just the right mix of Regency paired with the little bit of magic that makes them special. The gripping story and the wonderful characters just topped it off and kept me glued to my reader.


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