Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

Haven by Karen Lynch



is out!


Things are going well for Roland Greene. High school is behind him, he has a sweet new ride, a good job, and he’s making plans for his future. At eighteen, he’s one of the strongest werewolves in his pack, and he already has more vampire kills than most wolves have in a lifetime. Life is good. Almost.

It’s time for the annual pack gathering. Wolves from all over Maine come to take care of pack business and socialize – and to find mates. Everywhere Roland turns there are unmated females, and as the Alpha’s nephew, he’s prime mate material. The last thing he wants right now is a mate, and he’ll do all he can to stay a free wolf - until he meets her.

Well,  I guess it is not a very big surprise when I say that I love the books by Karen Lynch. Those of you who've read the Relentless-Series and its companion book Warrior can look forward to another great book set in the world of our friends. 

Those of you who haven't read them yet - well, you' re still in for a real treat! You could read Haven first, of course, but I think you'd learn too much about the happenings in the other books and it would spoil those books. Well, it might spoil them, if anything could spoil them - I've read all of them countless times and I enjoy them every time as if it was the first time. 
They are wonderfully constructed, I can't say how often I find hints and clues in the books to some revelations and events in the later books when I re-read them and I love it. They are all closely linked, a wonderfully and brilliantly woven story that leaves nothing to coincindence or accidents. 

Haven is part of this web, it sets in when Rogue and Warrior end. On the one hand it is, well, yes, it is fun to see how the mighty can fall  - especially when it is fun-loving, flirtatious - albeit also loyal and courageous -Roland who does the falling. 

On the other hand this book...let's just say that there are some demons to fight - and in this case they are not exactly the paranormal kind. A past that you can't forget and the terror of it all - as usual, Karen Lynch has a wonderful sensitive and respectful way of dealing with such topics. I love the way she makes you feel with her characters and how you feel for them and with them. 
I loved Sara and Nikolas and I felt with them but somehow Haven and its characters moved me even more (and I'd never thought that that was possible).

Oh, don't worry, I laughed a lot and there is much going on that'll leave you grinning and laughing and, well, maybe even swooning. Let's just say that the well read reader is a little bit quicker at understanding what exactly happens there, somehow Roland isn't 

really quick at catching on. Not that that denial will get him anywhere but, well, read for yourself, you'll love this book, trust me! And apart from the fun of watching Roland fall in love and meeting all our old friends again, I'm sure that you'll love to meet the girl who has caught and tamed our wolf. I loved to see that girl find love and happiness, especially as she has been through so much....                                           Curious?                                 Great, that's what I was looking for! Just go ahead, read it, it is simply amazing!                                                                                                                              ★★★★                                            

I realized the other day, that Relentless was the first book by an indie author in English that I've ever read. I had read books by german indie authors but none in English. Being on holidays I ran out of books and decided to take a chance on one of those freebies that I had picked up before I left. From the first page on I was captivated and fascinated and when I had finished it, I re-read it. The next chance I got, I tried to buy the second book only to find that it wasn't out yet. Two long months followed...and then I could finally read the next book. 

Nothing has changed there, I still wait for each and every one of those books and their release and I can't count the times that I've read them -again and again. I love the books and the amazing audio books and, well, I'm already looking forward to the next book by Karen Lynch that will tell us Chris' story!

And a lot has changed in other ways actually - this book made me pick up a book set with a number of books by some indie authors and opened their world to me. I found so many great books and met many amazing people due to this afternoon where I took a chance on a freebie, I'll always be thankful for that day and that book. 

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