Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017

The Traitor's Club: Ford by Laura Landon


Captain Fordham Remington has survived countless dangerous missions fighting the foreign enemies of the Queen while maintaining his cover as a traitor to the Crown. Now he undertakes the far less threatening assignment of finding out who is stealing from Her Majesty’s shipping company, and nearly gets himself killed.

Lady Calinda Barclave has worked alongside her grandfather, Admiral Barclave, to run Her Majesty’s Crown Shipping Company for four years. When she’s unable to discover who is behind the company’s shortage in profits, she turns to the dashing Captain Remington for help. But when she discovers his betrayal, she realizes she’s lost the shipping company she loves. And her heart along with it.

Ohh, I really really loved this book. Okay, I already knew (at least I hoped that I knew) that I'd like it because I haven't found a book by Laura Landon yet that I didn't like and several of her books are part of those that I re-read regularly.
As this is a new series I was curious to see who I'd meet here and I must say that I loved those characters a lot. As usual, they are interesting and strong characters , a strong and independent heroine who succeeds in a position where women were rarely accepted in those times and a hero who respects and supports her.

When Captain Fordham Remington investigates the thefts at Her Majesty’s Crown Shipping Company, he is impressed by the young woman who works alongside her grandfather there and who is the de facto leader of the company. When those two work together to find the thief, they find that there might be something more between them. Things get tough and their feelings an't be denied anymore - except for this teeny tiny part where Lady Calinda Barclave might get the impression that Ford has betrayed her.  An impression that it not entirely false, truth be told so in the end, Ford might face an even greater challenge than tracking down a thief. Will he be able to win Callinda's trust and her heart again or is it too late for them?

What I really loved about this book was the way the author dealt with this betrayal and its consequences. I hope that I don't spoil anything for other readers when I say that I can guarantee a very nice HEA? So, I think it is safe to mention that early on I anticipated the confrontation when Calinda would inevitably find out about the betrayal or you could rather say that I dreaded this confrontation. Waiting for it, dreading it for quite some time while reading the book, I was really happy with the way the author let the hero and the heroine deal with the situation and the way she let them find their way back to each other.
All in all this is again a wonderful book that I'll definitely re-read and I'm really looking forward to the other books in this series!


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