Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

Wrong Turn, Right Direction (The Bourbon Street Boys #4) by Elle Casey


Tamika Cleary takes a wrong turn up a one-way street—and straight into Thibault Delacroix’s leg as he steps into the road. But Mika’s in a hurry, and she certainly doesn’t have time for a guy who can’t even look both ways before crossing, even if he does have a cute face, a body to die for, and the darkest, thickest eyelashes she’s ever seen.
Unfortunately for Mika, fate has other ideas. When she’s threatened by her employer, a Russian mafia boss known as “The Thief”, she’s forced to accept Thibault’s help. As the co-owner of the Bourbon Street Boys security firm, he believes he can keep her safe. But Mika has a whole load of trust issues—and the pushier Thibault is about helping, the more stubbornly she tries to resist.
Mika may have taken a wrong turn the day they met, but will she finally let someone steer her in the right direction?

I have been waiting for this book ever since I read the last page of the previous book  - and believe me, waiting that long wasn't easy. When I bought the first book of the series in December, I read it - and went back to download the next. And the next. And then the wait began. And it was hard. Fortunately I found "Shine not burn" by Elle Casey that turned out to be as funny and witty and gripping and page-turning in its own way as the books of the "Bourbon Street Boys" - Series but nevertheless I just couldn't wait for this book to get out.
Was it worth the wait? Hell, yessss....
From the first page on, this book got me and kept me glued to my reader till the very last page. I laughed and cried and I was upset and I was afraid and I was furious and - I loved every single page.
When Mika takes the wrong turn, this may just turn out to be the right direction, despite it being a one-way-street. in the other direction. And, well, despite the man she just hit with her car. Yes, even though every thing might turn out to be just the right thing and the right direction, no matter how bad it looks.
Unfortunately her up-to-now-but-not-any-longer employer didn't get the message and things get really bad but with Thibault at her side, how could Mika go wrong?
Fortunately the guys from Bourbon Street Security have some experience dealing with bad guys and when Thibault realizes that Mika is in danger he won't stop till she is safe.
Another wonderful book in a great series that just priveds the perfect mix of fun and action spiced with a lot of romance - I love it!


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