Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018

Immortal Sleepers: Blood Awakening (Immortal Sleepers #1) by Miranda Nichols


A war has been brewing in the shadows.

Kaelyn Hamblin never felt particularly extraordinary, growing up in a strong Irish household in the heart of Boston for most of her young life. Her humdrum routine remained markedly unchanged for longer than she cared to remember; until that day. The day when a beautiful stranger drifted into her hole-in-the-wall bookshop and changed her life forever.

Tyrian knew from the moment he locked eyes on her that she was the one. His one. The singular being within all of time and space that was made for him and him alone. His world was not one of niceties and pretty things; bringing her into it would be dangerous. But he would protect her. He had to. After all, it was foretold.

Worlds collide, marking the beginning of the end to an age long battle warring between the forces of darkness and light in the universe. The fate of all rests on the shoulders of a lone druid and her band of human hunters to quell the rising tide of evil threatening to overtake everything and plunge the connected realms into eternal darkness.

This book left me a bit at a loss because I honestly don't know how to rate it. I really love the story and the world the author creates but despite that the book couldn't fully captivate me. The story was unique and interesting but lacking depth. Even though the characters seemed nice and all, I couldn't feel with them or get really interested in their fate.

Their romantic involvement left me at a loss as well. The words were right but I couldn't feel their connection and sometimes it felt as if the intensity of the heroe's attentions was too much and bordering on overwhelming to "not right". The heroine, Kaelyn didn't feel that way but I couldn't feel their passion - and there was a lot of love action that led to me being mildly interested or downright skipping passages.

Wonderful characters, a great story in an interesting and complex world - the potential is there and I might check out other books by the author because with more depth this book could be amazing. At the moment it feels as if the authors tells her story but doesn't get involved in it. It doesn't draw me in yet but there were glimpses of it that left me wanting more. Overall, this book is promising and I am looking forward to find out what time and further books will bring.

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