Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 29. Februar 2016

Audio book: Rogue by Karen Lynch ~Review in English~

 Do you remember how much I anticipated

the third book of the Relentless-Series?

Today I listened to the audio book and was completely thrilled!

Karen Lynch

Is is always a bit risky, as every book lover knows, to watch the movie or listen to the audio book of one of your favourite and most beloved books, right?

So, I really really love this series and I'm absolutely enthralled by the way the speaker captures the spirit and the mood of the story. From the first sentence on she pulled me in and despite the fact that I've read those books like a gazillion times already and have an idea how everything should sound and how everything should be, I was really impressed because it is exactly told the way, I had always imagined it.

After a while, I realised that I was either smiling somewhat goofily or grinning like a fool - I really love those witty dialogues! The characters are brilliantly developed and very complex, the story is amazing and imaginative. Sometimes it's just sweet, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's heart-stopping and even sad.

I love that the girls are pretty bad-ass and I also love that the guys have to learn to respect that even if it's not easy for them. Especially over-protective Nikolas is having a hard time there...

Those of you who haven't read Relentless and Refuge yet - listen to them first otherwises you won't understand everything and you'll miss out on important parts of the story.
Those of you who already know the other books - go ahead, have fun with Rogue, it is brilliant and this audio version is just perfect!


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