Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Homefront: The Sheridans Book 1 - 3 by Kate Aster ~Review in English~

 This is a series of books that I read lately and that I wanted to share with you, so ...

*drum roll*




„More, please“ is the first part of the Homefront-Series by Kate Aster and , well, somewhat shockingly, I really loved all three books of the series.

When Allie and Logan meet for the first time, everything looks rather promising ..till it doesn't. Not really.
On the one hand there's Allie, 24years-old, straight out of College who volunteers at a dog pound in her spare time and tries to save as many dogs as possible from being killed. Apart from her work at the pound she works for a non-profit that informs about the health benefits of being vegan and in the evenings she has sales parties for ….well....objects.
On the other hand there's Logan, 32 years old and a former Seal who suffers from PTSD – what could those two have in common?

While Allie and Logan set off to find out about that, the reader enjoys the vivid language, the complex and likeable characters and the well-written and well-plotted story.
I couldn't put the book down and I really enjoyed every single page of it. 


Full Disclosure (Homefront: The Sheridans)



Those who've already read the first book of the series, already met Kim and Ryan. Kim, single mother and one of Allie's best friends and Ryan, billionaire, single father and Logan's brother.
Kim is working at JLS Heartland's now, Ryan's and Logan's firm and lives in one of the townhouses next to Allie and Logan.

As Ryan's daughter Hannah is going to the same school as Kim's son Connor, the two of them meet in the carpool line in front of the school. When Allie and Logan and some dogs searching for a new home get thrown into the mix there might be some ... coincidences... that serve at bringing Ryan and Kim closer. However, it's not as easy as that as Kim has a secret that keeps her from really opening up to Ryan and the possibility of a life with him.

The author once again creates wonderful and interesting characters and a convincing story that captivates the reader from the first page till the last. The fluent and humorous style and the right pinch of romance ensure an absolutely enjoyable reading experience!

Faking It (Homefront: The Sheridans Book 3)


This third book in the series is also a stand-alone and may be read separately – but who would want that? If you've read one of the books you just have to know how waht happens next so you just have to read the other books as well! At least that was what happened to me and somehow the last book was read even though it felt that I'd just started reading them.

Those who've followed Allie and Logan on their way to happiness and those who were worried for Ryan and Kim, do already know Cassie. Cassie and of course they've also met Dylan, the third of the Sheridan brothers. Dylan: Olympic medalist, owner of some very prosperous fitness centers and on top of all that he is also extremly handsome. Cassie on the other hand...well, there are worse things than working as a princess in a second-rate holiday parc, things like, well ...having no job at all?
Or like meeting your former highschool nemesis wearing a plushy princess costume? see, there're many possibilities... Somehow Cassie and Dylan end up in a fake engagement but the question is – how much of it is fake and how much of it might be real?

Even though as a reader you have certain ideas how the book is supposed to end, in this case the journey is the reward and it is really great to accompany Cassie and Dylan when they find their way to each other.




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