Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 22. Oktober 2016

The Debutante's Dilemma (Classic Regency Romances Book 16) by Donna Lea Simpson



Pamela Neville is a free-spirited young beauty who has no intention of subjecting herself to the stifling restrictions of London society—until her grandmother lures her with an irresistible offer. The indomitable dowager promises to teach her everything she needs to know to elicit a proposal from Sir Colin Valens, the man Pamela has adored since childhood.

Soon Pamela is feigning the same coy disinterest of the other women of the ton—and catching Colin’s eye in the process—but the green-eyed gamine can only be demure for so long. And each time she indulges her more wild, carefree side, she runs headlong into the startlingly handsome Lord Strongwycke, who seems to find her entrancing just for being herself. Suddenly Pamela finds herself with the vexing dilemma of being pursued by two different gentlemen, and in what seems like the span of a heartbeat both men offer for her hand.

Now Pamela faces a choice between clinging to the dreams of a girl and a life that would allow her to live as the free spirit she longs to be.

When Pamela comes to London, she is not willing to adapt to the ways of the ton but then her grandmother dangles the ultimate "carot" in front of her - getting fit to become the kind of woman her childhood love Colin would want to marry. Easier said than done though, for somenone as spirited as Pamela but finally -finally!- Colin notices her. The question is, if he is really the right man for her or could there be someone else, someone who is her partner in crime when it comes to not submitting to the ton's rules and who loves and respects her just the way she is?

I really enjoyed reading this book but sometimes I had to remind myself that the heroine is a young girl and therefore is entitled to behave like one...especially when tries to decide whom she really loves. Actually I felt a bit like handing her a pack of ice cream and sitting her down for a nice chat because for a while her indecisiveness reminded me of times when I was a teenager and well, you know what I mean. The times when someone was lovesick, when someone was in love and "he is so sweet but he kissed so well and..." ,well, that kind of thing.

Apart from that it was a really sweet and well written story with interesting characters and a very loveable heroine and hero.
This is not the first book by Donna Lea Simpson that I've read and it won't be the last, again I found a book that captivated me and made me feel with the characters and their fate.
I loved reading this book and I'm looking forward to the next book by the author!


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