Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 29. November 2016

Ondine - Heather Graham

 Ondine by Heather Graham



When handsome Lord Chatham rescued the golden-haired Ondine from England’s gallows, he demanded only one thing in return . . . her hand in marriage. In gratitude, Ondine consented to his plans—yet refused his touch.

Though his smoldering desire aroused her own secret longings, Ondine defied her mysterious husband. Until suddenly, in the notorious court of Charles II, the sapphire-eyed beauty was plunged into a web of danger and desire, jealousy, and romance. As secrets exploded, and swords clashed in vengeance, the strangers in marriage became partners in passion, and lovers on fire . . .

When I wrote my review for Heather Graham's book "When we touch", my last sentence was that this "was the first but definitely not the last book by Heather Graham that I have read". After having read "Ondine" I know that this sentence is still true - and that I'll definitely have to read her earlier books as well.

"Ondine" was a book that I rarely put down because it captivated me from the first page on.
Warwick, the fierce and hard Lord of Chatham captured my heart right at the beginning - and tested my patience almost till the end. Rough, hard but honorable to the core even when I just wanted to kick him because, you know, sometimes it is advisable to open your eyes instead of suffering for nothing just because it seems the honorable thing to do. Talking might help as well  of course but hey, he is a man.  Guess, that says it all, doesn't it?
Nymph or gallow's bride - or both? Ondine barely escaped the hangman's noose at Tyburn Tree and she should be grateful for that and concede to her husband's wishes as it is little enough that he expects from her in exchange for her rescue. If it weren't for her own secrets and her own history it might have been easier, certainly the role he expected her to play was easy enough to play but when feelings interfere and old wrongs have to be righted, well, then things definitely get much more complicated!

Like "When we touch" , this book is also much more complex than I had expected it to be. Once again I found a wonderful, thrilling and captivating story full of suspense with complex, interesting and authentic characters and a great story line. When I browsed through the book while writing this review, I found myself engrossed in it once more.
I really really enjoyed reading this book and I know that I'm already looking forward to future books from Heather Graham!


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