Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 2. September 2017

Lie Down in Roses by Heather Graham (aka Shannon Drake)

  Lie Down in Roses by Heather Graham


 The willful and beautiful Lady Genevieve would do anything to save her beloved Edenby Castle
. . . even if she had to share the name—and bed--of her most treacherous foe . . .

He was Lord Tristan, nobleman and knight. Magnificent in battle, he would lead his invading army across the land, only to become captive to the sensual charms of the bold enchantress who was secretly plotting his destruction . . .

They were born to be enemies and destined to be lovers—players in a perilous game of intrigue and passion where the price was one woman’s innocence . . . and the prize was one man’s heart.

I had a hard time deciding whether I liked this book or not. I've already read several books by the author that I've really enjoyed. Heather Graham has a very unique style that I love and her characters are always interesting, complex and intense.

All of these things apply to "Lie Down in Roses" as well but....I simply hated the way the hero treated the heroine and no matter how good it felt in the end and how much they came to care for each other, I also hated that the hero forced the heroine to sleep with him. He didn't rape her but some kind of forced non-rape is not much better, at least in my eyes.

Yes, things were rather tough and she wasn*t exactly the kind of girl to give up and welcome him into her home, seeing that they were enemies and he had invaded her home, but....

Okay, and I must admit that I was completely shocked at the beginning when I read what Lord Tristan found when he came home (and I must also admit that this was the moment where I really, really started to hate the Duke of Gloucester, just saying) and it haunted me for a while.

I liked the story on the whole and I loved the characters but I didn't like their interaction. The end was very satisfying but I'm not sure if I will read this book ever again. Considering the fact that I've read all my other books by Heather Graham several times and that "Ondine" is one of my all-time favorites....well.
Well-written, interesting and intense story but a huge BUT when it comes to the characters and their actions so I decided to go for three stars


*This is a re-release of the book*

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