Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

Demon Ash (Resurrection Chronicles #3) by M.J. Haag and Becca Vincenza


 The world is nothing like Mya remembers. While in Ernisi, cities have been bombed and burned in an attempt to stop the hellhounds and the plague. The survivors are doing everything they can to win back their world from the hell that was unleashed with the first quake.

With Drav's help, Mya reunites with her family, but they are far from safe. Marauders, hellhounds, and the infected are doing their best to destroy what's left of the world, and it's up to Mya and Drav to save it.

You know this feeling of dread when you start the last book of an amazing series? The feeling that this book has the power to destroy it all? No matter how good the other books were but a bad or even mediocre last book will bring them down. So, naturally, every last book in a series that I love, is something that I long for while fearing at the same time that I might be disappointed when I get it.

Do you know that feeling? Well, you can stop worrying, "Demon Ash" doesn't disappoint at all. It is simply amazing! From the first page on I was captivated by it and couldn't put my reader down. I loved meeting Mya and Drav again, getting to meet her family and see them interact with Drav and his friends. I laughed and giggled a lot, especially when Mya's mum was around, I stopped breathing, I might have shed a tear or two - and I absolutely loved every single page of this book.

This book was perfect, it was the perfect ending to a wonderful story. It took me on a long journey, getting to know Drav and his friends much better, seeing them interact with children (soooo cute) and women (even though they still have to learn the there are some questions....wellllll..... ), protecting those around them and of course, protecting Mya.
The whole series is amazing. It is funny and captivating and I loved each and every one of those books.


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