Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 9. April 2018

I'll Be Waiting (The Vault #2) by A.M. Hargrove


I went to fight for my country and for freedom.
When the IED exploded, it took part of my leg … and ended my career.
Fighting back was harder than I imagined, but I did it.
Putting the pieces back together was even worse.
But I refused to let it defeat me.
I climbed that mountain only to discover I was flawed.
And always would be.

Then my life took a turn and a different kind of explosion occurred.
This one affected my heart.
Perfection in every sense of the word stood before me …
Something I wasn't or would ever be.
Because I was disfigured.
Why is it the things you want most are those you can never have?
I've learned the most important battles are the ones worth fighting for… and maybe some things are worth waiting a lifetime for.

It's no secret that I love A.M. Hargrove's books, I think, considering the fact that the last three of her that I reviewed were all five-star-reads. I'll be waiting is a spin-off of Craving Midnight, the last one of those five-star-books and I loved it.
The moment I saw Midnight's name, I was doomed. I couldn't not love this book. Okay, no, actually that's not true, I fell for Lee and Rusty right from the beginning but Midnight being mentioned and realizing the connection, well, that sealed it.

Lee and Rusty are both such amazing and strong characters and you just want them to be happy. Add those characters, an intriguing story and a pinch of mystery, lots of feelings and wonderful friends and you get a story that'll keep you reading till the end  - and never wanting it to end.
Seeing Lee and Rusty fall for each other after everything they've been through, Lee's story and the way her story is linked to the depot café and her great-grandfather's story, - I loved every single page of this book!
It was funny, captivating, romantic and simply great, a wonderful albeit somewhat short read that I can definitely and wholeheartedly recommend.


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