Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 26. April 2018

The Undercover Duke (The 1797 Club #6) by Jess Michaels #theundercoverduke


Lucas Vincent may be the Duke of Willowby but he’s never acted as such. He’s been too busy working for the War Department as a spy. But years of dangerous work has finally caught up to him and he was involved in a violent attack that nearly killed him. Forced home, his angry, aggressive desire to get back in the field and find out to who betrayed him is keeping him from healing.

Diana Oakford was raised by a physician who served the King’s War Department and she knows better than most the dangers that job entails. She was also trained in healing, so when she’s asked to come and assist with Lucas’s recovery she has a hard time refusing.

Once they’re alone together an unexpected connection begins to grow between these two people who have fought their emotions all their lives and more begins to heal than just Lucas’s broken body. But just when they start to believe they could find some kind of happiness, the past rears its ugly head and Lucas will have to choose between the life he once led and the woman who has changed his world.

Another fabulous book by one of the few authors whose books I one-click first and read the blurb later.
If you've read the other books in this series, you might already know about this group of young dukes and their fight for happiness and love despite their less than perfect families. Lucas Vincent, the Duke of Willowby, is part of this illustrious group even though his years of working as a spy have kept him apart from his friends for a long time now. Despite all those years, their friendship holds fast and the other dukes are there to help and to support when Lucas needs them.

When Diane Oakford is, well, bullied might be the right word, into caring for a colleague of her deceased father, who had been working as a physician for the War Departement, she doesn't know that this will change her life forever. Soon those two start to care for each other but they might need the help of Lucas' friends to get rid of the past and all the dangers it still holds in store for them.
Those two are an amazing couple and I liked how their friendship and love developed. I also loved to see how they interacted with the other dukes and their wives, letting us see how they fare and what became of them.

An interesting and captivating story that kept me glued to my reader - and once again when I started to browse the pages when I wanted to start this review. I got hooked again and couldn't stop reading. I can't wait for the next book in this amazing series!


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