Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 25. April 2018

Loving the Secret Billionaire (Love at Last #1): A Love at Last Novella by Adriana Anders


Mystery man, recluse, finance guru… Virgin.
I was a shut-in for a reason. With too many secrets, too much to hide, and way too much at stake, I spent years in my mansion in the woods, never trusting a soul.
So, when a stranger showed up at my door, with her plans to save the world, I should have sent her away, like I’d always done.
But from the second she arrived, I couldn’t resist Veronica Cruz. She was all the things I’d been missing—passionate, generous, and so damned sexy.
I let her into my life, gave her everything—including my heart.
Now, the one thing she wants is the truth. The question is, will she still love me when she knows my secret?

Loving the Secret Billionaire is a sexy standalone novella in the Love at Last series, featuring a virgin hero and a slightly older woman.

Originally published in the Rogue Desire anthology, this edition has been expanded with new material.

I've read several books by Adriana Anders and loved each and every one of them but somehow "Loving the Secret Billionaire" couldn't really draw me in. The storyline was sweet and funny and I liked the characters but the story didn't feel real and things progressed too neatly, too fast, at least in my eyes.
A quick and short read about a secret billionaire who has been hiding in the woods (literally... okay, almost literally) and the woman who turns his life upside down while claiming his heart - and losing hers on the way as well.
Even though the characters themselves are likable, I'm missing the chemistry, the sparks that would make their attraction and the fast progression of their relationship more palpable. It's all very nice but...
The story is still enjoyable and nice I just don't like it as much as I liked the other books by her that I've read.

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