Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 4. September 2019

The Hardest Hit by A.S. Teague #TheHardestHit

My friends used to tell me ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ Clearly they lied, because there
was no way the chemistry I had with Mel could ever be left behind.

However, my children, her career, and nine hundred miles between us meant that for seven years, Melanie Holstein was the one who got away.

I was Aiden Shaw, first-round draft pick turned the best quarterback the league had ever seen. I worked hard to secure my position in football history while balancing life as a single dad. Through it all, my Vegas spitfire was never far from my mind.

And considering her best friend was now with my best friend, it was pure and utter torture.

When my career took a devastating turn, Mel was the first person at my side. I was broken and defeated, but that stubborn woman was determined to piece me back together.

I liked to pretend Mel and I were destined for greatness, but Lady Luck had never been on our side. And the tragedy that followed might have been the hardest hit of all.

It took me several tries to get into this book, not because it wasn't good but simply because I was so frustrated that these star-crossed lovers whose chemistry is off the charts, who just belong together - never get around to really be together.

I understood where they came from, I was frustrated despite that, I read and put the book away, picked it up again, put it away and then, when fate finally, yeah, well, fate wasn't kind or nice or whatever, fate was mean and nasty but I couldn't stop reading when those two finally got their chance. And, yesssss, they take that chance and things get real.

I loved how Mel stayed at Aiden's side no matter what happened, no matter how grumpy and ...well, everything he was. I also loved how they finally forged a new life for themselves, together. I felt with them when tragedy struck again, I worried, I was terrified, I couldn't put the book down anymore then.

I read and really enjoyed The Hardest Route, the first book and I was happy to meet Brooks and Griff again now in The Hardest Hit and to see how those two and their not-so-little-anymore-one fare and I loved to see Aiden and Mel finally find their HEA.

Full disclosure though - I was a bit wary at first because of the age gap. Sometimes it doesn't mean anything and sometimes it bothers me but this well-written book with its intriguing plot and its amazing characters convinced me once more that when it comes to true love, age is just a number.
So, even if you are not sure about that gap, try it, this book is worth it!


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