Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 22. Juli 2017

Billionaire Baby Daddy: A Second Chance Romance by Lara Swann



My baby daddy is NYC’s most eligible bachelor – and no one knows. 
Sexy, powerful and charming – the world loves Alistair Sinclair.
I did too. Five years ago.
But the heat of our passion couldn’t change his cold attitude or arrogant demands – so I left.
I didn’t know what he’d left me with, but when I found out…I was even more determined.
I didn’t want my baby girl growing up under her Daddy’s hard expectations.

Until now.
Five years later and struggling alone – I can’t live with the secret anymore.
I have to tell him. I have to give him the chance to know his little girl.
But I won’t go back to him. I won’t fall for that sexy smile, the impish suggestions and whispered promises. I won’t make that mistake twice – and things are different now.
I’m a Mommy. And he’s…a Daddy.

What I don’t count on?
He sees his daughter and melts.
And suddenly… I’m wanting things I’ve stopped letting myself think about.
A family. A Daddy. A man – touching me, kissing me, driving me to my knees and setting my body on fire. Reminding me that I’m more than just a Mom.

It’s impossible. It can’t end well. We already crashed and burned once.
And appearing on a billionaire’s arm with a four-year-old kid in front of NYC’s elite?
Yeah, everyone is out to get us.

So why am I falling so hard, so fast – when I already know how this will end?

Yes, it is "that kind of story" - and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Sure, some parts are predictable but it is well-written and sweet and even though I never doubted where the journey would end I really enjoyed the trip. It was nice to have characters that are able of self-reflection, able to fight for the things and the people they believe in and who are able to trust each other.

There were several situations where I got a bit wary and really expected the hero or the heroine (or the author?) to fall for some kind of same-old-same-old-thing and believe the lies or whatever but they always managed to sidestep those traps or rather - those clichés.

Even though Leah had some serious issues when it came to Alistair and his tendency to take over and control everything she is also able to see that he has changed and that he really tries.
Reading about Alistair and his daughter, oh, wow, that was so sweet, he is amazing! Who wouldn't fall for a unic...uh, a man like that?
Dealing with Barkley though, okay, he was sometimes a bit too much of a villain but it was okay and it made me furious and kept the tension high (and my adrenalin as well).

A sweet and captivating book about second chances, real love, trust and friendship - and also about the family that really counts, those people that you can rely on and that are always there for you no matter whether you are related by blood or not.


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