Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2017

Blog Tour: Meet Me at the Lighthouse by Mary Jayne Baker

 Welcome to the tour and ...

"Meet me at the Lighthouse"!

'The day I turned 28, I bought a lighthouse and met the love of my life’
Bobbie Hannigan’s life in a cottage by the sea with her dog and her twin sister is perfectly fine … until she decides the logical thing is to buy a lighthouse and open a music venue with Ross Mason, the first boy she ever kissed.
Bobbie tries to be professional with Ross, but the happily-ever-after they’re working toward is too good to resist. That is until someone from his past crawls back to cause trouble. Can Bobbie look past the secrets Ross has been keeping from her? Or will the boy, the lighthouse and the dream all slip away?
Escape to the Yorkshire coast this summer with this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Mary Jayne Baker!

Yup, Bobbie, our heroine, is indeed special or who else do you know who would spontaneously buy a lighthouse?

That's the kind of woman she is - and I must admit that I'd love to get a lighthouse of my own if it comes with a Ross like him! Ross, our hero, didn't come back to his hometown to co-own a lighthouse but, well, when Tequila is involved and a woman like Bobbie, a man might do some stupid things especially when he is falling for said woman.

When Bobbie and Ross try to turn the lighthouse into a unique music venue, they discover that it's not just the lighthouse bringing them together but that those sparks that they felt right from the start are real! With some exes coming up and life getting in the way, will they be able to keep those sparks between them flying? 

This wonderful story made me laugh out loud, I cried, I giggled and I worried. I can't exactly say what makes Meet me at the Lighthouse special but it is different from your regular small town romance. Good different. It is a very warm story set in a cozy little town where everybody knows everybody. Part of its charm are certainly the somewhat down to earth characters. No mincing of words, no distinguished sherry sipping, just ordinary, slightly rough people talking, drinking (too much) Tequila and trying to - well, okay, let's skip Elvis, okay? 
But we shouldn't skip Travis, I mean, how could we? Someone like him is absolutely unforgettable!
Apart from the main characters, there's quite a number of amazing and very loveable characters. The characters are well-developed and feel very much alive and kicking. 

I really enjoyed reading this book and will definitely check out Mary Jayne Baker's first book, The Honey Trap, another romantic comedy set in London.


By the way - a sneak peek of *the first chapter* is just a click away!  

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