Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017

One Night with a Duke (The Duke Series Book 5) - Sandra Masters

 Not really my cup of tea...



Reclusive, cold as ice, the politically powerful Raven, Duke of Ravensmere, denies love after the tragic deaths of his duchess and baby. He is bound by his vow never to allow love to enter his heart again. Samantha Winston permits him to seek refuge in her carriage in a time of need, and what started as a kiss in the name of safety, becomes something more pleasurable and not so safe after all. In spite of every caution, his interest escalates into unexpected desire.

Samantha, a young widow with a secret, irreverent and high-spirited, has constructed impenetrable walls against all men. When she and Raven meet again, strong wills clash. Political intrigues and a dreaded nemesis place his life at risk, and Samantha finds herself in a dire predicament. All the while, passion soars.

Can Samantha’s barriers fall with more kisses? Can Raven be released from his deathbed vow?

Okay, I really really like historical romances and read a lot of them but this one? Well, let's just say that it left me breathless. Unfortunately not in a positive way. Everything felt a bit rushed, the heroine and the hero had a tendency to overshare and sometimes they overwhelmed me with their torrents of words.

Add a rather pompous and not very likable hero and top it off with some happenings that were just a bit too much like when the worst happens and its description leaves me a bit incredulous. Actually, I ended up looking up how much blood a human's body contains and if those things happening might be even remotely possible. I might be a nit-picker but when I found the doctor looking for internal wounds in improbable places and such, well, let's just say that I couldn't concentrate on the story anymore because those discrepancies were just too irritating.

I really wanted to feel with Raven and Samantha but as I couldn't even like him most of the time, it was very hard and unfortunately, I wasn't very successful.


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