Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

Jilted (Love Hurts #2) by Sawyer Bennett

                                                  Jilted by Sawyer Bennett


Eden Goodnight went to Los Angeles to make it big, not to be publicly humiliated by her cheating fiancé at a red-carpet premiere. But when Eden returns to her hometown to put the scandal behind her, she can barely find a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Turns out the locals are worse than the paparazzi, and they all think she’s turned into a spoiled brat. But in a strange twist of fate, the one person who seems to understand what Eden’s going through is Cooper Mayfield . . . the boy she left behind.

Small-town charm is no match for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. At least that’s what Coop’s been telling himself all these years. As Eden’s old flame—and the landscaper for her family’s historic home—Coop feels some responsibility for getting her out of her funk. But as soon as he sees that million-dollar smile, he’s a goner. Soon they’re making out like teenagers again. But when a life-changing role falls into Eden’s lap, Coop just hopes she doesn’t give up on a love that’s meant to be. 

I loved this book and didn't put it down once I had started reading.
When I started reading, I was furious when I read about Eden's cheating fiancé and then, to top it all off, this husband...well. "Spitting mad" might also be a fitting description.

What I really loved about this book though, was the way the characters interacted. Sure, there was a typical misunderstanding resulting in people hating others but once it became clear that it had been a misunderstanding, everything was alright. No maybes about it, just simple acceptance and things were alright.

And I loved that both, the heroine and the hero had moved on. They had been very much in love, still are, obviously but it is a mature love now and it was one even when they were still young and life happened and drew them apart. Somehow this makes you realize even more, how much those two belong together.

Oookay, right, maybe you don't realize that right at the beginning because there might be a time or two when there are some rather interesting decorations on the lawn and the drive but, well, nobody said that love was perfect, right? Some, let's say minor disagreements and such are totally in order when so much time has passed and things happened and - well.

I really enjoyed this story with its wonderful and complex characters. I already read many books by Sawyer Bennett and I must admit that I didn't even read the blurb, I just knew that I wanted to read this book - and I wasn't disappointed.
This is another wonderful story by an amazing author that I can definitely recommend.


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