Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 13. März 2018

Demon Escape (Resurrection Chronicles #4) by M.J. Haag

 She did it again!


 Eden Terry survived the first ring of hell only to end up in the second one.

With nothing but a trowel and her wits, she's determined to escape the work camp holding her prisoner. She dreams of finding a safe haven and living in the new, devastated world on her own.

However, surviving alone after she escapes proves more difficult than she ever imagines. While running from zombies and hellhounds, a new creature emerges. This one isn't after her blood. He wants much more.

Eden must decide who the real devils are between man and demon. Choosing wrong could cost her life; choosing correctly could lead her to the haven she's been searching for.

Okay, this book is amazing! I laughed so hard sometimes and I giggled and gasped and, once again, loved every single page of it! I loved reading about Mya and Drav in the other books (and I also loved to learn more about them as well) but Ghua and Eden are also a very sweet and entertaining couple.

 Drav was sweet and protective, Ghua is even more loving and also a fierce protector. Even though he is still a bit naive, he understands her well and respects her efforts to be independent and in charge of her own life while still keeping her safe.
Edens stubbornness and her fear of being hurt and robbed of her freedom, again, don't make things easy for them but Ghua wouldn't be fey if he would give up on her just because of some minor obstacles (no matter how big they may turn out to be...).

If you want to know how a book set in a world of destruction, where hellhounds and zombies walk around threatening the lives of everyone, can make you laugh out loud and giggle the whole book long and if, by chance you have a weakness for grey-skinned fey aka demons, well, this is the right book for you.
Truth to tell, I still haven't fully recovered from the other books in this series and still start to giggle whenever I see any bee-related books but this book made me even laugh more. I'm not sure if I'll ever fully recover from some of the scenes .... in a totally good way. ;-)

This book might be read as a standalone but it'll be much more fun if you read the others first.
And I can't wait to read more of these books....


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