Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 6. März 2018

The Duke of Nothing (The 1797 Club #5) by Jess Michaels #TheDukeofNothing #Netgalley

 The Duke of Nothing (The 1797 Club, #5)

Baldwin Undercross, Duke of Sheffield, has a secret he's keeping from almost everyone he knows and loves. He is destitute, thanks to gambling by his late father and his own bad decisions. There is only one option now: marry for money, and do it soon. An opportunity presents itself when a rich American woman arrives in Society hunting for a title in trade for a huge dowry.

Helena Monroe is the companion to her entitled cousin, and she is miserable. But once she encounters Baldwin on a terrace, her time in England starts to look up. She quickly realizes he believes she is her cousin, and everything starts to fall apart.

Baldwin is now torn between a future that will save his family legacy and one with a woman he is growing increasingly attached to. Will he choose safety or passion, obligation or love?

What would you be willing to sacrifice for a chance at love?

Another wonderful book with very relatable and charming characters who make you root for their love from the very first moment on. You just know that they belong together and that they are good for each other. Consequently, though, you are just as upset as they are, when you realize that their love, this wonderful love that you can already feel and almost touch ...has no chance. Only a miracle could help...could it?

Helena came to England as a companion to her title-hunting cousin. Living under her uncle's rather heavy thumb has never been easy but when his demands clash with her own needs and her own dreams, will she be able to withstand his influence? Does she even have a chance at it, considering her circumstances?
Baldwin, Duke of Sheffield has one big secret, a secret that is so big that even he himself doesn't know everything about it. Facing the aftermath of one too many bad financial decisions and his father's gambling, Baldwin needs a ,lot of luck and perseverance in order to get his life sorted. This secret might just be the one thing that'll separate him from the woman he loves.... Will he be able to win her and to keep her against all odds?

All those loving couples whose fates were sealed...okay, okay, kidding, if you've read the last books in this series, you'll know that those couples had to work hard for their love and that they had to overcome many obstacles on their way to happiness. Again, all those loving couples, remind Baldwin what he will have to give up, that for him there won't be a chance at real happiness but fortunately life is smarter than that and perhaps even he will have a chance at the love of a lifetime.

I really loved Baldwin and Helena as a couple and I also loved to find out more about those couples that we met a couple of books back and see how they are and that they are still happy.
I really really enjoyed reading this book and I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series, The Undercover Duke.


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