Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 4. Mai 2018

Fury Focused (Of Fates and Furies, #2) by Melissa Haag

Melissa Haag


Life in Uttira isn't easy for Megan. Knowing what she is hasn't helped her control her temper, an unfortunate personality trait that might just keep her from graduating. Her mood swings don't bother her as much as the weird side effects that come with them. When things start to go up in flames around her, she knows she needs help controlling her abilities. But, the only person with the answers abandoned Megan in Uttira months ago.

Megan knows she must find her mother in the real world. However, the only way out of the magical barrier surrounding Uttira is with the mark of Mantirum. A mark she will only receive if she can manage to graduate from Girderon Academy. In order to start her search, Megan needs to learn to control her temper… or die trying.

If you've read Fury Frayed, the first book in this new series by Melissa Haag, you may have stumbled upon my review saying that I loved every book by Melissa Haag's but that Fury Frayed" might just top them all. Well, Fury Frayed was simply amazing but I'm almost sure Fury Focused is even better!

I love this perfect combination of action, humor and sweet romance. Once again this book kept me on my toes, I laughed and was upset and I might consider learning the art of monkey-tackling, gracefully - and in a dress, of course.
It is a bit difficult to tell more about the book itself as the chances are rather high that I might inadvertently reveal too much because there is so much happening and -well, keep a pack of tissues at your side, don't read in public and don't throw your book in frustration, just believe that it will end well. Potentially. Perhaps.

This wonderful new world of Melissa Haag's is brimming with amazing characters, fun, adventure and stories, so many wonderful stories and I am looking forward to reading many more of them!

And for the record -




And did I mention that I need a cute Succubus of my own - and a Griffin of course ...and...okay, no mermaids, definitely no mermaids. 

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