Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Donnerstag, 14. April 2016

An Improper Situation - Sydney Jane Baily ~Review in English~

And another romance with lots of heart and lots of love:

Boston lawyer Reed Malloy is on a mission–deliver two orphans to one Charlotte Sanborn of Spring City, Colorado. He's not prepared for Charlotte's refusal to raise her own kin, or for the fire her irresistible beauty ignites within him.

With her chestnut hair and striking green eyes, Charlotte could be the catch of Spring City. Instead, she lives in solitude and wears her independence like a suit of armor.

But as the children challenge Charlotte's vow to never again risk heartbreak, and memories of brief moments with Reed tantalize her nights, Charlotte's greatest fear is realized: a letter from her aunt demanding the return of the children.

Desperate to keep the children she's come to love, Charlotte endures the 2000 miles to Boston in search of Reed only to discover that Boston's glittering high society intends to keep them apart. 
An Improper Situation“ fit well in with my momentary passion for historical romances, it sounded charming and so I started right away when it had landed safely on my re-eader.
Even though it didn't get me hooked as thoroughly as some other books, I really enjoyed reading it and will definitely read it again.

When suddenly (okay, it might have been better if she had opened her mail one of these days then she might have been a bit better prepared...) Reed, Thomas and Lillian are standing on Charlotte's porch right in the middle of nowhere, Colorado, Charlotte doesn't know yet that those three will turn her quiet and well-ordered life upside down. 
Actually – Reed just came to make sure that the kids arrive safely in Colorado but he soon realises that he won't be on the next train back to Boston as Charlotte isn't prepared for the role of a mother. Not prepared at all. She is charming, intelligent and a brillant writer but housekeeping, cooking and such things, well.... not exactly her forte, right?
 As Reed tries to work his way around Charlotte's homestead, reparing this and that while at the same time looking after the kids, cooking, during the the laundry and what ever is necessary, Charlotte gets to know the kids – and not just the kids. Reed and her get closer as well till suddenly visitors from Boston arrive and everythings goes to pieces.
When on top of that Charlotte has to fear losing the kids she has just come to love, she leaves for Boston in order to fight for them – and suddenly everything seems to happen at once.....

A well written book with carefully developed characters and an interesting and intriguing story that surprises the reader with some twists and turns. I felt with the characters, waited anxiously for things to happen and of course – I hoped for an HEA.
I really enjoyed reading this book and can definitely recommend it. 
*I received this book from ebook Discovery in exchange for an honest review*


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