Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Hearts of Gold - Phoebe Conn ~Review in English~

Wellllllll...........that wasn't exactly my cup of tea.....

At the edge of her father's property, Lyse Shelby finds Buck Warren, wounded, and agrees to secretly nurse him back to heath, if he takes her with him when he goes.

Buck is chasing the man who killed his best friend. He has no time for a scrawny damsel in distress, or for love.

That's fine with Lyse. All she needs is a little help escaping her abusive father so she can make a life of her own.

But as Buck seeks revenge upon a murderer, Lyse makes an unexpected discovery: her new life isn't as attractive as she'd hoped without the man she loves. 

I received a copy of this book from ebook Discovery in exchange for an honest review - and I must admit that otherwise I wouldn't have finished it. It's not bad, after a while I was just so frustrated with the heroine's inability to accept a compliment, to believe that somebody really cares for her, to.... argh.

Okay, back to the beginning: I liked the story itself, the way Buck and Lyse met, their characters and I also liked the writing. It just started getting a bit ....well, old, when Buck doesn't know how to tell Lyse that he loves her and desists from talking about it because he just KNOWS that she wouldn't believe him. And of course, Lyse, no matter how much proof she gets that Buck has feelings for her, always interprets things the wrong way and is always devastated that he.... you get the point. And at some point, it really made me mad.

Nevertheless it is a well written book with an interesting story and many well developed characters but unfortunately that wasn't enough to keep me hooked. After a while I started skipping pages, then went back and started reading again - just to start skipping pages again. First I rated it with three stars because I really liked Lyse (despite her misgivings and all that because in a way I could understand what made her think the way she did and I felt really sorry for her - and was really really upset with her mother, by the way!) and Buck but in the end I felt that that wasn't enough to warrant those three stars. 


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