Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Playboy Doctor (Heartthrob Heroes, Book 2) - Kimberley Llewellyn ~Review in English~

Playboy Doctor von Kimberly Llewellyn


 Following a failed marriage, pediatric nurse Willow Brady believes she’ll never love again, until a commanding man in a tuxedo whirlwinds into the ER with a baby in his arms.

Pediatric heart surgeon and renowned playboy doctor, Shane Edwards has arrived from London to teach at the hospital. On his first night out, he never expected to find an abandoned baby or such an enchanting and capable nurse ready to receive the tiny bundle.

When Shane learns he is Willow's new boss, heartbreak and past betrayal keep him emotionally hardened...until Willow and the baby bring out long-buried emotions.

Now he wants more from Willow than a few nights between the sheets.

But Willow has no room for another broken heart. And if Shane learns the truth about her, he will be gone, too.

Oh, well, that was nice! Yes, it is cheesy and actually that's exactly why I wanted to read it, when the ARC was offered to me by ebookdiscovery in exchange for an honest review. The nicest part is – it is not just cheesy but it is also a book about some really amazing and authentic people whose problems and emotions are easy to relate to. And it is a book that often made me smile, kept me glued to the pages and sometimes, well, sometimes I had to brush away an errant tear or two. That kind of book.

On the one hand it is the typical story featuring a handsome doctor, Shayne in this case, and an equally not so bad looking nurse, our Willow, who try and can't find their way to eachother – or perhaps in the end they might, who knows. On the other hand it is a story that kept me hooked from the first page to the last. A big part of the attraction is due to Willow who is an amazing character. She is absolutely lovable and you just wish her all the best because she just deserves it. Another part however is due to the story itself that contains many surprising twists and turns and that made me want to know how the story goes on.

The writing itself was a nice surprise especially in contrast to many other books of this kind that I've read - or sometimes rather „tried to read“. It is enjoyably well written and so you keep reading and see the protagonists off to their HEA – if there is such a thing as a HEA for them.....

(Okay, okay, I'm just kidding, I hate romance books without a HEA so – don't worry, all is well that ends well!)

I really liked the book and can recommend it to everybody in whom spring also provokes this certain craving for sentimental and emotional stories!




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