Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

Love Lessons At Midnight (House Of Dreams) by Shirl Henke


The Student
Robert St, John flees a disastrous marriage to fight Bonaparte, but when the young widower inherits an earldom, he must remarry and produce an heir. There will be no more cold marriage beds. Rob nervously applies to the infamous bordello, The House of Dreams, for a teacher in the art of pleasing a woman.
The Teacher
The mysterious, aristocratic Lady Fantasia, mistress of The House of Dreams, is intrigued. Why should a man as beautiful as a dark angel need instructions in the arts of passion? Even as she taunts him with her sharp tongue, she agrees to find him a tutor.
A Dangerous Curriculum
Rob is torn between Gabrielle, the passionate nymph who comes to him in midnight darkness, bringing ecstasy and understanding. She sates his body and heals his heart. By day, the stunning cherry-haired Fantasisa, with her provocative wit, stimulates his mind and challenges his intellect. But the earl doesn’t know that Gabrielle and Fantasia are the same woman—Amber Leighigh, the runaway Marchioness of Eastham whose insane husband stalks her to teach her his own vengeful lessons... His will not be…
Love Lessons at Midnight.

"Love Lessons at Midnight" really surprised me - in a very positive sense. Before I started to read it I wasn't sure whether it would be a romance or rather an erotic romance. Yes, there are explicit but tastefully described sensual scenes but it is also a very romantic book with wonderful and interesting characters. Well written, well constructed and

I loved to see how those two characters, both wounded, both vulnerable, but nevertheless trying to overcome their fears.
Rob comes to The House of Dreams because his desastrous first marriage makes him want to learn how to pleasure a woman. Lady Fantasia, the mistress of the House of Dreams, agrees to find him a tutor, Gabrielle. Gabrielle's experience with love making is one of pain and fear. These two set out to find out together how to find peasure in the act of love. Enjoying Gabrielle and their lessons at midnight and Lady Fantasia's sharp witted and intelligent company by day, Rob starts to realize what he has been missing in his life. When Lady Fantasia is threatened by her cruel and depraved husband whom she left years ago, Rob is at her side but - will that be enough to protect her from the wrath of this madman?

I was captivated by this unusual story with its wonderful characters and even though Rob was a bit too slow to realize what really counts and what he really feels, I won't hold that against him, as in the end he did it and despite some twists and turns that kept me on my toes and got me a teeny tiny bit worried, I got my HEA in the end and soooo..... all is well and I can recommend this book as I really liked it!




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