Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 13. Mai 2016

The Hunter Bride . Cynthia Woolf


 Five years ago, a band of outlaws murdered Josephine Shafter's parents and younger brother. Desperate for vengeance, Jo has spent every day since serving the law as a bounty hunter. But the trouble with justice served is that now that her family's killer has been brought in, she has nothing to do and no one to hunt. She decides it may be time for a new life and a fresh start. She longs for the arms of a strong man around her, and for a child of her own. But the Chicago dandies don't know how to kiss a woman who is tougher than they are. Jo decides her best chance at happiness is to head out West, to the wild Montana territory, to start a new life as a mail order bride. Sam Longworth has been the Sheriff of Hope's Crossing, Montana for two miserable years. He was much happier roaming the untamed plains as a bounty hunter, bringing outlaws to justice. But that was no life for a husband or father, and his wife wanted him home, safe and sound, every night. Forced into marriage, theirs had never been a love match, but he thought warming her bed every night would be enough. Instead she left him and took a stagecoach to rendezvous with her childhood sweetheart. She vowed never to return, and died on the journey. Plagued by guilt over her death, Sam doesn't need a woman's love, he just needs a wife. He orders a mail order bride, a woman who won't make too many demands, who can build a home and give him children. Josephine fits his life perfectly, until danger follows her to her new home and he realizes she's keeping secrets that could get them both killed. Trust is a hard road for two lost souls used to keeping secrets, and their new and fragile love might not be strong enough to survive what's coming.

This Book is the first in the Hope Crossing Series by Cynthia Woolf. Each of the books is a standalone but the stories are all related. They are easy to read but well spun and entertaining.

When Sam Longworth sends for his demure mail order bride he has no idea that being demure will not turn out to be one of Jo Shafter's fortes. On the contrary Jo is a very strong and capable woman who might even be considered somewhat stubborn and independent. Only a teeny tiny bit of course, but... She really tries to be the wife Sam wants her to be but perhaps what he thinks he wants is not really what he needs. Years ago Jo's family was murdered. Their murderer was that last bounty Jo captured but - he can flee and he wants revenge. In order to find him and protect Jo the two of them have to work together and trust each other.

I really loved the hero and the heroine a lot. Jo's determination and her independent character and Sam, protective and accepting and quite a bit stubborn himself are a wonderful pair even though it's not just guns and roses for them. A killer on the loose and a new life together to build at the same time can be rather trying...

I really liked the book and can recommend it!




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