Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Samstag, 14. Mai 2016

Pitching My Heart (Love, Laughter and Baseball Book 1) - Karly Morgan, Samantha Long


 After a disastrous date in college, Katryn Winters never wants to come face to face with hot pitcher Weston Dukes again. When she’s assigned the interview of a lifetime by her magazine with the elusive Weston Dukes, what is she to do?

Weston jumps from girl to girl with no desire to settle down. A previous relationship has left him bitter and cynical. When he’s approached for the interview with Katryn, he can’t help but remember how horribly things ended with their date. What happens when he accepts the interview and sparks begin to fly between them? Will they catch the pitch love has thrown at them or will they both strike out?

This was a delightful read - up until three quarters of the book had passed. At that point I was just frustrated and couldn't believe the stupid decisions made by ...well, that's up to you to find out. I was really upset and thought that there was a bit too much unneccessary drama involved considering the fact that there was a lot of stuff going on anyway. Maybe I have no heart for martyrs or no patience for people who doubt everything and make decisions based on insecurity instead of communication but there were long parts towards the end where I kept rolling my eyes and such. But, well, all is well that ends well and when the end turned out to be just right, I was reconciled with the book.

Apart from that I really liked the book because the story was nicely done and the characters were really great! You feel with Kat when you learn about the desastrous first date and I loved how West and Kat are together. Kat is a very lovable character and Weston is also amazing. I loved how they interacted and the way they protected each other.

When Kat is offered the chance of a lifetime, an interview with the star who never gives interviews, it is the beginning of something special. The closer Kat and West get, the more they realize how good they really are together. But it all threatens to blow up when West's past in form of a beautiful b...east decides to re-enter his life. Will their blossoming relationship survive despite the macchinations of this...lady...or will they be torn apart?

On the whole I liked the book despite my complaints that's why it gets three and a half stars, rounded up to four. Sometimes the dialogues felt a bit forced, a bit stilted but apart from that it is an easy and pleasant read that I will read again even if it couldn't fully convince me.




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