Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Freitag, 6. Mai 2016

The Stolen Bride - Cynthia Woolf ~Review in English~

At the moment I read a lot of historical romance so I've already come across some of Cynthia Woolf's books as well. "The Stolen Bride" is a sweet and nice read and I enjoyed reading it but sometimes the heroine and the hero really made me roll my eyes in frustration. The book is well written, the characters are very likeable but sometimes I would have wished for something more. Or a bit less -at least when it comes to predictablity.

Bella, the heroine flees from New York to a small town in Montana as a mail-order-bride in order to avoid marriage to a horrible and cruel man. In Montana Alex, a widower with two little daughters is waiting for his mail-order-bride or rather for his daughters' mail-order-mother, as he is determined to stay true to his late wife and never fall in love with Bella no matter what happens.
Now it's up to Bella to turn their marriage that is supposed to be in name only in something more, something precious.
Unfortunately her former fiancé is not willing to let her go and things get rather tight when he goes after her in order to force her to come back...

I liked Bella and her courage to take on life on a farm with all its hardships but sometimes her naivete frustrated me almost as much as her husband's determination to keep apart from her no matter what.
Alright, in the end Alex earned some brownie points and made up for all his stupid actions at the beginning but...well.

Even though the story was rather predictable, it was a nice and easy read and I liked it.



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