Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 1. November 2016

How to Impress a Marquess (Wicked Little Secrets #3) by Susanna Ives


TAKE ONE MARQUESS: Proper, put-upon, dependable, but concealing a sensitive artist's soul.

ADD ONE BOHEMIAN LADY: Creative, boisterous, unruly, but secretly yearning for a steadfast love, home, and family.STIR in a sensational serialized story that has society ravenous for each installment.

COMBINE with ambitious guests at an ill-fated house party hosted by a treacherous dowager possessing a poison tongue.

SHAKE until a stuffy marquess and rebellious lady make a shocking discovery: the contents of their hearts are just alike.Take a sip. You'll laugh, you'll swoon, you'll never want this moving Victorian love story to end.


This book was amazing! It kept me on a rollercoaster of emotions - one moment I was laughing and giggling, the other moment I could have hugged and comforted someone (and dried the one or the other tear of my own), the next I did some swooning and then there were those scenes were I was spitting mad and would have loved to tell someone exactly what I think of their behaviour....

First of all - those characters! How can't you love someone like George and Lilith, Penelope and, oh, you just have to love Beatrice either, those four are so lovable and so authentic and original , it's really great!
We won't talk about Lady Marylewick or those ... cousins...of Lilith's though, I hated them almost from the start and believe me - it didn't get better, nope. Not at all.

And then - the story. I laughed so hard about the "Colette and the Sultan"-parts, especially in the end when things get heated and the fans....well, best read that for yourself, it is so funny and I just loved it! Apart from that the story was well constructed and well written and kept me glued to my reader till the end. 
This is definitely a story that I'll read again and even though it was the first book by Susanna Ives that I've read it won't be the last!


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