Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Montag, 7. November 2016

Unmasking Miss Appleby (Baleful Godmother #1) - Emily Larkin


On her 25th birthday, Charlotte Appleby receives a most unusual gift from the Faerie godmother she never knew she had: the ability to change shape.

Penniless and orphaned, she sets off for London to make her fortune as a man. But a position as secretary to Lord Cosgrove proves unexpectedly challenging. Someone is trying to destroy Cosgrove and his life is increasingly in jeopardy.

As Charlotte plunges into London’s backstreets and brothels at Cosgrove’s side, hunting his persecutor, she finds herself fighting for her life—and falling in love…

I loved this book and couldn't put it down. It is not just well written and has amazing, authentic characters but it is also imaginative and very special. You know, this touch of something different that makes an ordinary story like "she loves him, he loves her and thy find each other against all odds" rather special and something that captivates you.

First I was a bit wary because I wasn't sure, considering the  part about faeries and shape shifting and such stuff, if the book wouldn't be a bit too fantastic because I was in a mood for something decidedly romantic. Well, it is romantic  - and much more. This book took me on a ride on an emotional roller coaster with the romantic parts (and others) and at the same time I loved how natural the shape shifting part was. It just fits in, people get used to it and it is just a means to an end - and of course it is fun as well. Who did never dream of flying, for example?

The book touches sensitive subjects in an equally sensitive way. Sometimes I was furious, I was shocked, I was sad - alright, there might have been a tear or two - and I was also very happy and a bit (more) sentimental.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and can definitely recommend it!


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