Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 8. November 2016

One Summer of Surrender (Seasons #3) by Jess Michaels


Lucien, the Earl of Stenfax has been engaged twice, but only in love once. That was with his childhood sweetheart, Elise. When she threw him over for a man with more money and a higher ranking title, it broke him. Now she’s widowed and he finds himself drawn to her again, like a moth to her flame.

Elise had her reasons for walking away from Lucien, reasons he doesn’t understand. Back in Society, she’s now financially desperate and is even considering becoming someone’s mistress. But Lucien keeps appearing at the most inopportune moments and it’s only a matter of time before the desire between them explodes.

Time will tell if Lucien will be able to see past his lusty drive for revenge. And if Elise can convince him she’s worthy of more, despite the past.

I've read many books by Jess Michaels already and loved each and everyone of them. This one, which is the third in the "Seasons"-series, is every bit as amazing as the other ones. Those of you who have read the wonderful "An Affair in Winter" or " A Spring Deception" already know most of the main characters - and I'm sure that you'll love to see what becomes of Lucien and Elise whose former engagement and its unfortunate ending were the driving force behind Grant's involvement in "An Affair in Winter" which led him to Rosalinde.

(Oh, by the way - if you haven't read the other books in this series, yet, you shouldn't miss out on them, zhey are amazing and sweet!)

Soo, it's Lucien and Elise now and obviously, considering everything that went down between them, it is not easy for them to reconnect no matter what their traiterous feelings and their bodies might think. Of course it is not just Lucien himself, Elise has to confront but also his family. A family that felt like her own years ago and who despise her now. Adding a miserable marriage, a widowhood without a pence to her name and an heir of her husband's who threatens her...perfect, isn't it? Well, that's why Elise is desperate and looking for help in places where Lucien doesn't want to see her...
Some chemistry can't be denied, as Lucien will find out for sure.

What I really love about Jess Michael's stories is not just that they are well written and keep me glued to my reader from the beginning to the very end of the book but also that they all have a unique touch. Sure, they are romances and I expect a hero and a heroine with a difficult courtship of some kind but every book of hers has its own story and you don't get the feeling that you've read it all before. "One Summer of Surrender" is no exception there. It is a book that made me smile and laugh and *coughs slightly* swear at the stupidity of men in general and Lucien in particular and maybe there might even have been a tear or two at times...

A wonderful book with complex and authentic characters - I love it!


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