Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Dienstag, 15. November 2016

The British Table: A New Look at the Traditional Cooking of England, Scotland, and Wales by Colman Andrews


The British Table: A New Look at the Traditional Cooking of England, Scotland, and Wales celebrates the best of British cuisine old and new. Drawing on a vast number of sources, both historical and modern, the book includes more than 150 recipes, from traditional regional specialties to modern gastropub reinventions of rustic fare. Dishes like fish pie, braised brisket with pickled walnuts, and a pastry shop full of simple, irresistible desserts have found their way onto modern British menus—delicious reminders of the depth and breadth of Britain’s culinary heritage. The book blends these tradition-based reinventions by some of the finest chefs in England, Scotland, and Wales with forgotten dishes of the past worthy of rediscovery.

Wow - an abundance of amazing and easy-to-follow recipes, great pictures and wonderful texts to go with the recipes, relaying historical facts or anecdotes connected to those recipes or the food discussed, personal stories to go with them or ... just wonderful stories or interesting facts that make you browse this book and read a bit here and there as if it was a novel.

This book is interesting and captivating to read and it is a collection of marvellous recipes that are well presented and just want you to grab your cooking spoon and do some serious cooking. All you ever wanted to know about british food and much more that you never thought of, can be found in this wonderful book. And if you don't want to read - well, never mind, just look at the pictures! If you weren't hungry before you started reading, believe me, one look at the photos andthat will change!

I really really love this book and I'm looking forward to trying many more of the recipes!

*Just a note - this book is obviously not a book for vegetarians 
but it is a wonderful collection for all those who love traditional british food.*


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